Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Love Day 2009

We went to the best restaurant on Valentine's Day. The chef asked me specifically what I wanted and bada-boom, bada-bing, my wish was his command. Crab legs, asparagus, artisan bread and a smoothie! The chef threw in a bottle of sparkling cider of course. The chef also set the table with lovely red place mats. As you can see it was all set to the lovely glow of candle light. The chef really knew me because there was an abundance of lemons to go along with the meal. Mmmmm. This restaurant was a 6 star restaurant. *star*star*star*star*star*star You may be unfamiliar with the last star. Many food critics do not use the last star because it is based on how good looking the chef is. Many critics feel this would make their professional review of the restaurant, well, unprofessional. But in this case, the chef was extremely good looking. It is pretty well known. Especially when in the kitchen! Hence the sixth star. Voila!

love you baby.