Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Harmless Love Pranks

It began as a story.

It was someone else’s goat.

Keeping the laughter alive.

Cold water in the shower.

Laughter for the pourer, not the pouree.

There you were, happily scrubbing away, talking about your upcoming day.

The idea was so tempting.

Please forgive me for making your scream like a little girl.

It was quite funny.

(I am going to take my shower when you are not around for now.)


Karen said...

Hahahah, it's also really funny for the person who gets to hear the story, and the person who put the idea into your head. Sorry Chris, I guess if weston has to go through it so do you.

Shauna said...

Do you think Rich would think this was funny? I say no (Rocky Line), but it is worth a shot...

kara said...

Shauna you will laugh solidly for a good 6 minutes or more. Your stomach will hurt. But I wouldn't do it with your boys around, you could have a mutiny on your hands later!

Lorflor said...