Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sounds a Little Fishy

But it really happened!

We went fishing off of Point Judith in Rhode Island last week. I was expecting to have fun, but I didn't. I HAD A BLAST! This is the biggest fish that was caught for the day. 3 lbs, 22 inches long.

I can't explain how awesome it feels when you're line bends, you jerk up your line and whamo mamo, you are pulling up a fish. I've only been stream and lake fishing and have caught litty bitty ones. So imagine how sweet it was when my arm hurt from reeling up the fish! It wasn't the marlin or tuna I was hoping for (we were bottom fishing), but it was still so much fun!

If there was ever a way to go fishing, it was this way. Our guide baited our hooks, fixed our lines when they got stuck, took the fish off the hook, and cleaned it! I just sat on the edge of the boat and reeled in my catch. The boat was really drifting in the wind, so I had to time the line drop, the boat would drift, then drop a little more wasn't easy. In fact, below are the fish totals for the day...
Mike: Caught 1
Kept 1

Chris: Caught 6
Kept 1

Kara: Caught 10
Kept 4

Evidence of eating our catch. Flounder is quite yummy!


Kim said...

What the little fisher woman you are! Good for you!

David and Brooke Gallagher said...

How much fun, that is so my way to fish! I am glad that you guys are having a great time after a long summer {if you know what I mean}