Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Everyday Hero

Dear Dad,

I know you have been doing things your whole life that justify awards and accolades. I also know you have probably been short changed in this department. Your quiet strength, integrity and example have influenced many lives. I've been watching you, and I know the good things you do for other people in addition to the tireless service you give your family. I have been influenced for good because of the type of life you have chosen to lead. So when someone else recognizes your service, heart and love I can't help but add extra kudos in my own way.

Congratulations on your award!

Love, Kara

***Captain James DeGering***
Business Partner of the Year for Granite School District
Nominated for his service to Arcadia Elementary
Capt. DeGering and his crew visit Arcadia elementary often and help the principal and faculty with fire drills, school events like "walk to school day," and other fun things. All the students love to see the firefighters show up at their school. Capt. DeGering also mentors a student from Arcadia as well.

Captain DeGering and his beautiful wife, Sheryl.

Mindy, Kara, Jenna - all admirers and fans of Captain DeGering's service.

Chris, McKay and Michael - hope to grow up to be like Capt. Jim someday.

Captain DeGering's family and support. (All so proud!)

Station #18 Crew and Arcadia Elementary Student


Shauna said...

Well said, Well Red

michael. mindy. dane. said...

I wish mine would have been as sweet. I'm also glad I had the award wrong. Wow.