Wednesday, October 22, 2008

One Morning

The northwest wind vies for my attention.
Howling? No. Screaming? No.
Incessant begging and pleading,
“Loooook at meeeeeee.”

Knocks on all my walls.
Bangs on every window pane.
I gaze out the window.
I’m looking. I see. Yes, you are mighty.

Not enough.

My quiet lake turns up white caps.
Last leaves desperately cling to bent boughs.
It finds it’s way through tiny crevices exposed
“Heeeeeyyyyyyy youuuuuuu.”

Finally, I step outside.
I stand in it’s path, let it pass through my hair
my thin jacket, my bones.
Yes, you are powerful.

Wind still blows.

But now content sighs ease through cracks,
happy to be in control.

Because I cannot stop the wind.


Hamblin Family said...

I love to read your blog! You always have the funniest ways of expressing yourself!;o)

Lorflor said...

LOVE IT KARA!!! loved the writing. Ah!!! that is awesome - I am so proud to say that once upon a time you were my roomie.