Sunday, December 21, 2008

Extreme Makeover - Oakely Edition

In true tradition, my parents decided to remodel, re-paint, re-carpet, weeks before a major family gathering. They're busy too. My mom works, my dad works. My brother and sister at home are busy with school, sports, stuff. It was a big project. There was a lot to do. And I was happy to help. Toasted oat, arabian sands and cherry cobbler red was the color scheme. That's toasted oat mixed with pastel base, not medium. Very important. Otherwise you might find yourself repainting over 3 hours worth of work. By the way, thanks for the free paint Home Depot. That alleviated the pain-slightly. (The pics were taken on my phone, sorry they aren't that great.)

You can't tell in the picture but this ladder was high. The peak of the ceiling was about 16 feet. I wasn't thrilled to be up there. My dad made some comment about "being a fireman's daughter" and questioning that fact. Whew! I hope my mom really likes this color for years to come!

I'm excited to post the after picture. This fireplace used to be black and white tile with a white mantle. The carpet in the picture is being replaced. I wondered how many jokes I could handle about not dripping paint on the carpet that was about to be ripped up. It never got old.

This is what I woke up to on day two of painting. Nothing like a fresh fall of snow in Oakley. It's beautiful.

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