Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm Not in Kansas Anymore

Well, I never started there. But you get the reference. I am reminded of how far away I am from my Utah home by the copious (my word of the day) amount of rain that is falling. Bucket and buckets. Raining and raining and raining.

It's not the huge downpour that I experienced time after time in PA last summer. (I'm sure that is coming later in the season.) It's just the fact that when it rains out here, it rains and rains and rains. It's been raining since yesterday! I know I shouldn't be shocked by that. But when you come from a desert state, a rain storm is any amount of precipitation that lasts longer than 10 minutes. But I don't mind. Truly. I packed two Mary Poppins-like umbrellas. So I don't mind venturing outside. It is also quite nice to fall asleep to the sound of clouds weeping against the windows. And if I squint my ears, the sound of rain falling on the rain gutter sounds like wind chimes.

Photo by Marcel Germain

PS - Does anyone know what an Aldi grocery store is all about? It's the strangest market I've ever been in. Please share if you know their business model. I'm confused.
Also, not sure if I used "copious" correctly in above sentence. Does it work with singular nouns? Copious amounts of rain? Would that have been correct? Mrs. D, English teacher, help me out on this one.


Karen said...

Kara who are you hanging out with there? I feel like we should be doing all of our errands together. This will be the first summer that every time I go to the grocery store I don't have a load of girls going with me.

michael. mindy. dane. said...

Copious was used correctly (as far as I know or am concerned), but I don't know why you're asking me...as if I know anything. I only pretend. And I'm pretty sure I've never even used the word. Also, yesterday I used the word "accept" instead of "except" on my blog. Talk about embarrassing. So I don't think I'd be asking me English questions...which is probably a bad thing. Also, the line "clouds weeping agains the window" was beautiful. I loved it.

Stephanie said...

I totally agree that Cap'n Crunch leaves a disgusting film on the roof of your mouth. As for the rain, being a Seattle-ite, I love it!

Stephanie said...

I just realized what you said about Aldi's!! I can tell you all about it. I've been to one in Berlin. It's a German "super-saver" grocery store that has opened in the US, but they have kept their German model. You have to pay for your shopping cart but you get your quarter back when you return the cart to the store, as an incentive to not be lazy. You have to bring your own shopping bags or else you have to pay for plastic bags. There are very few employees, and you have to bag your own groceries. They keep all the merchandise in boxes or crates and sell mostly cheap, obscure, generic brands. Very European.

Allysha said...

If it makes you feel better, Utah has been getting a lot of rain, rain, rain, too. There you go.