Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Ricardo (2 days late)

I went to high school with Rich. We graduated together. So, there was a time when he was getting ready to marry my older sister, I kept thinking....really? They are getting married? But that didn't last very long. Now I can't imagine what our brood would be like without him. He's such a great provider. He takes good care of my sister. He's an amazing father. I've been lucky to spend lots of time with their fam and see up close how much his kids adore their father.

Not only did he celebrate a birthday (one more year of being in your twenties buddy, live it up), but he also graduated from law school this year! Somehow he managed to graduate, work during the summer (and part of the school year this past year), have a very demanding church responsibility, dote on his wife and have three amazing kids.

Thanks for taking such good care of my sister. Thanks for making me feel so loved and welcome in your home whenever I come visit. Thanks for continuing to quote movie lines with me. Thanks for being silly with your kids so I'm not the crazy aunt.

Happy Birthday Rich!

PS - This picture was taken at their oldest son's kindergarten graduation. I'm pretty sure he was playing hooky from a very important bar review class so he could be there. :)


LHall said...

Hi Kara! It's awesome to see the pictures of your family. Tell everyone hello.

Shauna said...

Thanks Kara! You do have an amazing memory, he was in fact playing hooky.good, better, best:) Love you!!