Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pseudo Hills and Dollar Bills

I am running a race in June. It's the Wasatch Back Ragnar. I'm quite excited. Back in September, I was considered an alternate, back of the mind team member. But things happened, and now I'm in. I am now an official team member of Team TRANSFORMnow. The high school basketball coach (Cap'n Steve) of Riverton is funding a scholarship. More info here. I am collecting my own donations that go directly to the scholarship. I think it's great. It's a scholarship based on lifestyle changes that make you a healthier person. I think it's so important you run a big race for a cause. Whether it's benefiting someone else or the cause is your own self getting off the couch and becoming more active and alive. Don't just run. Run with a purpose.

My part of the race has a very steep hill. Steep? Very, very steep. Seven percent incline. It's practically straight up a mountain! Do you have any idea where I am training right now? Sea level! No mountains in sight! I can't even find a hill that's longer than 1/4 mile. I can't find a hill that is as steep as 7%. Luckily I have access to a treadmill. I know I put it down in my last post, but now that I am running this race, it has come in quite handy. I can create the hills. At least I hope I am. I can't really tell if it is really the same. So instead of leaving the gauge at the number "7," I take it up a bit. Ten, eleven, twelve is the barn burner. I'm hoping I'll be somewhat ready to run 3.something miles straight uphill. Whew. We'll see!

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Hamblin Family said...

Wow Kara!!! 3 miles uphill!! You are amazing for even attempting!! Good Luck!!!