Friday, May 1, 2009

We Are Fighting

Well, we were. Technology and I had it out yesterday. It was not pretty. Resolutions and dpi's and display settings and VGA or hdmi or whatever were tossed at me like I was supposed to know what to do with them. I followed instructions. I followed the manual. Desired results were nowhere to be found. In the height of my frustration, the very peak of the tempest, I decided to open a cable package. It was the kind of packaging that is ultra tough plastic. The kind of plastic you need a chain saw to get through. The kind of plastic that leaves little beads of sweat on your forehead and you attempt to get to what it is actually holding. In hind sight, I realized this was a bad idea. The poor, half-opened cable package is laying on the floor under the PC that I am not ready to make amends with yet. It wasn't set there either.

Remember when you wanted to display something for a large group of people and you just used a slide projector? Or how about a large flip chart? I know what's wrong if a flip chart isn't working. I'm pretty sure I could fix that.

I feel too young to yearn for the things of old as often as I do.

(Yes, I do know there is a certain irony to me complaining about technology on the world wide web or the "internet" as some people like to call it.)

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