Friday, November 6, 2009

Baby Update

Week number 19 with the kiddos is here. My odd weeks is when I visit the doctor and get to see pictures of all their little body parts and see them kicking like crazy. Talk about movers! I can't believe I don't feel them more often than I do. My ultrasound tech thinks it's because all three placentas (Okay, I just crossed that line. I'm now the pregnant lady who gives out too much information. No one likes to think about someone else's placentas. Seriously. Sorry. Can't go back now.) are in the front. Lots of padding to refract their tiny little kicks.

So, everyone is doing absolutely wonderful! Which brings me to my overdue thanks. I'm not a big fan of the universal show of gratitude via the blog world, but my heart is completely overflowing with gratitude. If I don't share it, there might be a serious build up, flood, disaster, something.

So, thank you. Thank you to everyone who has ever told us congratulations or thought about the health of our little babies or told us they are praying for our family. It is overwhelming to think about all the prayers and blessing being sent our way to make sure our babies are healthy. We feel them. I know our babies feel them.

'Thank you' seems like two weak, unsuitable words compared to what I want to convey. But the tears flowed freely on my way home from the doc when I realized the support and love these babies have been getting from people they haven't even met yet! I will tell our little dudes how they were prayed here. I will tell them how many people were cheering for their health and safety.

By the way, did I mention I will be telling our two sons and one daughter all this? I wish everyone could have seen what I did when Chris found out he was having two boys and a girl. It will be in my mind forever!

Baby stats:
6 arms, 6 hands, 6 legs and 6 feet - all limbs look normal and healthy.
6 kidneys all appear to be functioning.
12 heart chambers all pumping hard and healthy.
3 bladders all full.
6 eyes, 3 lips, 3 noses (I swear baby a has his daddy's nose!).
2 little boy parts.
1 girl part.
Baby A : 11 ounces. (boy)
Baby B: 12 ounces. (boy)
Baby C: 13 ounces. (little girl weighing in the biggest!)
Mama and Papa: pleased as punch. Happy as clams. Tickled pink (and blue).

Thanks again everyone.


The Frost's said...

Thank you for the update. We love to hear all about the babies. Get lots of rest and tell Chris I said he has to pamper you for me.

David and Brooke Gallagher said...

Yaeh! I am glad to hear your are all healthy and doing great including mom and dad! We can't wait to met them!

Kim said...

What a fun post! I'm so excited for you guys!

Karen said...

I literally got chills reading this blog post. It was so fun reading all the little stats on your little ones. Two boys and one girl!!! The little guys will take such good care of their sis. So exciting. Oh my goodness I'm so happy for you guys. Six little eyes will be staring at you so soon. Ah I can't wait. Your belly picture is adorable by the way.

Anonymous said...

Oh Kara!! So Fun and so exciting!! Congrats! At least you got one girl in there LoL

Elise said...

Kara! You look great! And so cute :) Thanks for the update, i'm SO happy everyone is doing so well!

michael. mindy. dane. said...

This is the cutest post ever! You look so stinkin' cute in this picture. I am happy, happy, happy! I am thinking that tomorrow we need a picture together. So our kids can someday day see that they have always grown up together!

Grant and Candice said...

This post made me cry. Too cute for words. I am so glad that all the babies are doing so great, and you look so cute too. Yay!

Grant and Candice said...

Oh...and two boys and one girl could not be more perfect. How lucky are you!

Stephanie said...

I have been waiting so impatiently for a gender announcement!!! I am so excited - I can't quit smiling. Two boys and one girl is AWESOME! Hopefully she will have gorgeous hair just like you. As soon as we get a job I will start shopping for you! :) I'm so excited, and so glad that they are healthy. Woo hoo!!!

Kamal and Amber said...


You look so good in your picture!! That is great to hear that you and the babies are doing well. 2 boys and 1 girl sounds like a great mix to me. Keep the updates coming!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE how big you are already! Don't take that wrong. You look great and it's so much fun!! I agree that two boys and one girl is PERFECT!

Leigh Harris said...

Hey Kara! I know I hardly know you, but I loved meeting you when you were staying with Karen. I had to check out your blog when Karen told me you were pregnant with three! Congrats! How amazing. I am in awe of anyone that has more than two...ha! It's been such an adjustment for me having my second so you will be my idol! Hope your pregnancy continues to go smoothly! Take Care.

Eden said...


I really enjoy reading your blog - I hope you don't mind. I am thrilled for you! These little people inside of you are so blessed to have you as their mother. Best of luck in this adventure. Motherhood is a wonderful journey. :)

Take care,

The Colbys... written by Erin said...

Kara!! I can't take it! I haven't checked your blog for a minute (I feel like... but obviously not) and I get on to all this wonderful stuff!! I've been thinking of you and how crazy it must be to be preggy with 3!! You are a saint and I just couldn't be MORE excited for you!! YOU are the only mother for these three babies and they are sooo lucky!! You look adorable!! (though I used to hate when people told me that!) Can't wait for them to come! When is the date again?