Tuesday, December 8, 2009

So, How Are the Kids?

Big! Well, it's all relative. But my last check up showed them weighing a pound and a half each. I'm so proud of how much they are growing! They are right on a schedule. I'm still so amazed that my body knows what to do. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and think, "Ahh! I'm pregnant! Should I be doing something?" Silly, I know. But it's just so amazing to me that my body knows what to do. It's amazing that it knows to make room for three of them!

I have some updated updates. I would like to dedicate this update to the lovely Howe sisters who hail from Sanpete County. I am finally on the ball with getting pictures off my camera, so don't be surprised if a picture from last summer or Halloween shows up sometime.

Today as I post this, I am 24 weeks and 2 days. How am I feeling? Fine. Well, I tell people that. I ran into one of my friend's mom at church on Sunday I hadn't seen in years. She asked me. I said fine. She totally called me out. "Oh, you are not. You have three babies in there!" Okay Connie! You got me! I have felt better, yes. And I remember why I like you so much.

So here are a few picture of the baby's incubator. I can't wait to actually see their tiny faces instead of just staring at my bulging midsection wondering who they are going to look like.

So obviously this picture is a little old. But it's kind of crazy to compare what I looked like over two months ago.

So, yes, this is a documented picture of my belly. But how good looking is the daddy? I hope all three have their dad's eyes. If they do, I won't miss him so much when he is at work. I also love this shirt on him. I found it at some random subway station clothes store in NYC. Also, I would like to note the fuller face. So next time someone tells me, "Oh it's all in your belly!" I will submit exhibit A. I don't care by the way. Just pointing it out. I still have about 15 pounds to go! I've gained about 35 pounds so far. Woo hoo! I owe it all to Vitamin D milk and everyone else that cooks dinner for me!

And here is the latest. Twenty four weeks. Whew! I'm almost in the safe zone.

I needed to document this for posterity. Although I am 29, seemingly in the prime of my life, I've had to acquire a few "aids" to help get me through my day. This shower chair is one of those. It takes me so long to do everything! So, this snazzy purchase that we found next to the canes in the pharmacy section has enabled me to shave both my legs again. (TMI? Sorry.) I won't mention the compression gloves that came from a website that also sells walkers and pill reminders other...er...elderly type purchases. Totally awesome. After Chris put it together I made him model it for me. He makes an adorable shower chair model. He's saying, "Hey! Look how clean AND comfortable I am!"

I have six beautiful sisters. These are just a couple of them. I bet they loved posing next to me. They look quite fit and limber compared to the red headed lady ready to pop huh? Nobody tell her she still has three months to go!

So there it is! Babies doing great! Growing, stretching, kicking, punching, taking everything they can from me! (It's okay! Take it! Take it!) Thanks again to everyone praying for us and thinking about our little one and a half pounders.


Kim said...

Kara, I just love you! Who wouldn't? Your posts are awesome, I look forward to them every time you update! You look great and I see your positive attitude is still in check! I love having Mindy to help keep me updated! I'm so excited for you two--I mean 5!

michael. mindy. dane. said...

Woohoo! Love the post AND the pictures. And I think you look great.

You're only supposed to gain 50 pounds? I am probably well on my way to 40! That should mean you need to gain 120. So start eating!

I love you. I love your babies. I love that your babies and my baby will be so close.

The FHE treat: oreo shakes. Michael made them. Half a carton of ice cream and TWO sleeves of Oreo's made a delicious Monday night snack!

PS, what is the safe zone??

Mike/Margaret said...

What a wonderful update. The babies are just the right size for a lobster. It must be there RI blood in them. Keep up the good work. Love you all.

Grant and Candice said...

Thanks for the requested pics! It is so exciting to hear your update on how well the babies are doing. And your positive attitude is so inspiring. You look adorable!

Stephanie said...

You have never looked more beautiful! But I would also like to know - what is the safe zone? I want to mark it on my calendar. You should give us both bare minimum and your hoped for date. Thank you! Love you!!

Kamal and Amber said...


That sounds just like something my mom would say : ). You look great and I am sure it is all starting to take a toll, but hang in there. I know you can do it! Keep the posts coming - your kids already have a lot of fans!

Hamblin Family said...

Hey there Kara! You look awesome!! You are still smiling and that is the most important thing for any pregnant woman!! Your shower chair is funny. I remember Diana had to have a wheelchair to go to the stor by the time she was 71/2 months. I am so excited for you!!! Having a baby is fun and boy are you gonna have fun with three!
Oh, I knew where you were 'cause you said somewhere on this blog that you were staying with your parents 'til you find a house or something?! Anyway, have a great last Christmas without kids, but I'll tell you Christmas is so much more fun with them! Somethin' to look forward to for next year when you have three crawlers you are trying to keep away from your tree!