Friday, May 28, 2010

Raise Your Glass (A 5th Anniversary Toast)

I can remember a time, long long ago, when you were simply a face in my life. A mere acquaintance. A casual character that I didn't think about when I wasn't around you. Another set of eyes, another voice in my catalog of 'people I know.' That was a lifetime ago.

Now, every other face and acquaintance and casual encounter is measured and stacked up to you. You are the barometer for every other relationship in my life. You are the reason I wake up and the reason I sleep soundly. When I told you 'yes' when you asked for forever, I didn't know how truly happy I could be.

It's all cliche, isn't it? 'My everything.' 'My life.' 'My reason for unparalleled happiness.' It's all been said before. Stories and songs and poems and movies and epics - all for love. But darling, I get it. I know why all the pieces in all the world were written. Loving you has been the greatest joy in my life.

A joy that we multiplied. Forever times three. I thought Chris the Husband was my world. Then you became Chris the Dad. A burp cloth over your shoulder, hovering over a changing table, putting tiny feet into tiny pajamas, you've never been sexier.

The last five years have been simply beautiful. I've loved every argument because it's lead to many make up kisses. I've loved every sock left on the floor and toothpaste mark on the counter because it's means we are living life together. I've loved every car ride, every trip, every adventure and every monotonous moment we've shared. Five years is a tiny, tiny dip in the bucket to what is ahead for us.

I find myself fumbling for the right way to tell you how much I love you. Past deeds and images keep flashing to my mind instead. You assembling the shower chair for my large, pregnant self. The small kiss on my forehead when Alicia Keys singing about New York made me cry. Dancing at our wedding. The tickets to the Sox and Yankees game. Holding my hand. Knocking doors. Waiting for me at the red tees. Sharing giant trays of sushi. Ginger Ale and cranberry juice on plane rides. Big Beach in Maui. Il Duomo in Florence. Clam cakes at Flo's. Dairy Queen anywhere. Making me laugh during labor. Making me laugh always. Bringing home boxes of clementines. Making me a 32 oz smoothie. Blueberry pancakes. Scratching my back. Kisses on top of the Empire State Building. Making me buy stuff. Random texts in the middle of the day. Driving cross country - four times. Cruising. Our future sailboat. Twix bars during The Biggest Loser. Smiling at our sons. Snuggling with our daughter. Your eyes after our children were born. Your selfless sacrifice for them now. It's easy to love you back.

Cheers to another 5 years. Plus infinity more.

Happy Anniversary Darling.


Mike/Margaret said...

Happy Anniversary to you both. You are the perfect couple. We are so glad you have each other.
Love M & M (Dad)

David and Brooke Gallagher said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! Is this bad that I am admitting it but that made me cry! What a wonderful being to a great love story!

Melanie Sharp said...

Ditto - I totally cried too. This was a really beautiful tribute, Kara. To truly love and to be loved in return is an amazing and precious gift. What a blessing!

Stephanie said...

I forgot we have the same anniversary! I really hope you become some sort of author someday. For now, I'm glad I'm one of the lucky ones who gets to read your blog.