Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Few Things I Can't Believe

That I have babies. I didn't think I would have a baby. Let alone several. They are all so beautiful. Sometimes when I am holding one of them, I will walk by a mirror and gawk at the image in front of me. Me holding my own children. I can't believe they are mine, that I am holding them, and they will be mine forever. I can't believe they picked me to be their mommy. I can't believe I have three. Still, almost a year after that crazy '3-sack' ultrasound day.
The girl in this picture was thinking: really? I get all of you? Then she sent off her billionth prayer of gratitude.

I also can't believe I recently went with the green nail polish. I thought I was going for "hip" and "edgy." Or maybe I thought it was summery. But really, it looks like I have a funky nail fungus. Oh well.

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michael. mindy. dane. said...

Who are the 3 toddlers on your header?? Love, LOVE the new picture! Didn't I just see them a few weeks ago? They are growing, growing! We need to come by ASAP. Love that you called your polish "hip." So something I would say. Only those who were 14 in the 80's are that cool.