Thursday, July 29, 2010

Good Day Sunshine!

Or You Are the Sunshine, or You Are My Sunshine, or Sunshine in My Soul, or Sunshine on My Shoulders or Pocketful of Sunshine, or Scatter Sunshine...

Do you have any idea how many songs are out there with my name in them?

This is me when I was about 35 weeks gestation. I sure did love to be bundled. Not anymore!

This is my first blog post! I know Christian and Gabe have both posted their own baby thoughts on mommy's web log, and I am finally ready to put a few of my thoughts out on the interweb of cyberness.

I'm not sure she's right, but my mom tells me all the time how sweet I am. Sometimes my brothers cry and cry and cry when they are hungry or tired or uncomfortable. I don't know why they get so worked up! I've been paying attention. I know my needs will get taken care of eventually. Mom and dad have never let me starve. You can have a nap anytime you want around here! All you have to do is whine a little bit then rub your eyes and you are swooped up taken to your bed.

Prime example of what I am talking about. Relax brother! Relax!

So I'm not sure why they make such a big fuss. I like to give my mom extra smiles when my brothers are acting like hoodlums so she knows that I know that she knows I love her. I like to think it's our secret. They aren't always crying like banshees. They are good little boys too. I think they just forget sometimes that someone always takes cares of us. Whether it's an aunt or grandma or grandpa or a neighbor, someone meets our needs. Mom and dad can't always pick up all three of us at once!

Me with GG (great grandma). One of my many extra people in my life that come to love and hold me.

Things do get crazy around here. I shouldn't give the impression I'm always the little darling. I can wail with the best of them if I am really upset. But for the most part, I think patience has been my easiest learned trait so far. Which is ironic because mommy told me she struggled with that the most before we came along.

This picture may seem arbitrary. But I think it is important that anytime you see a warning sticker, you should read it.

She also told me in one of our very private, very special conversations how many people care about us and have prayed for us. That's good. You should keep that up. Because I think some days she loses her mind temporarily with the constant whirl of feeding and naps and diapers and dishes and laundry and playing and crying and pooping and laughing and snuggling and singing and crying and just life in general.

Will someone please tell my mom that these giant flowers on my head are border line insulting? What am I, a pot?

This world is crazy. I had no idea how crazy it was going to be. But good news! We are all staring to grab at things and hang on to them. This is fun. So many interesting textures and experiences out there. We are all also investigating things around us with our mouths. I've recently taken to the very entertaining pastime of blowing raspberries. You should try it! Pbbbbbbbt! Pbbbbbt! Pbbbbbt! Over and over. It's a blast. I especially like making daddy smile when he sees me do this. My mom tells me I have his eyes.

I do looove my baths. I never knew one could have so much fun splashing!

I guess that is all I have to say for now. I'm very sleepy. I'm going to go rub my eyes and make a few little crying noises to let mom know I'm ready for bed. Thanks for reading this!

Love Sunny


michael. mindy. dane. said...

Too cute.

Sunny girl, sorry your uncle and I aren't among the "come and take care of you" group. We need to be more helpful, dangit! But we still love you :)

Kim said...

She is such a little doll! It cracks me up what a difference there is between boys and girls. Macie was the same way. Much more patient than Collin ever has been. And her flowers are stinkin' cute!

Kim said...

Ooops, this is actually Candice. I'm accidentally logged is as Kim.

Unknown said...

2 days Sunny! And I get to see you again! I'm glad you and your brothers are doing well! I love you!!

Anonymous said...

She is a doll!!!

Anonymous said...

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