Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hold the Mustard

Have you had mustard greens? Wow. If you like wasabi (and whom may I ask doesn't?!) then add mustard greens to your shopping list. I did thanks to a riveting episode of Chopped. (By the way, what did I do before my DVR?) (By the way, I think I use parenthesis way too much.) They are leafy and spicy and sauteed with a little olive oil, diced onions and garlic, they are simply delicious. On a scale of one to ten, I would give it a "whoa nelly."

It was one of those things that I wouldn't have done if my husband would have been home. Green leaves in a fry pan isn't exactly his idea of a meal. But since he was gone, the menu went slightly strange, bordering on weird and I loved it. (Darling, never leave us again! We are all so glad you are home.)

Since I'm on the subject of food. I have had 3 hamburgers in the past week. If you know my eating habits on an intimate level, you would think that is an exorbitant amount of ground beef. I can't explain it. I am loving burgers right now. I even had a plan to make a spicy, homemade burger with mustard greens instead of lettuce for a condiment! It was a plan mind you. Never actually happened. And, and! I ate a double burger today. A Double Burger! I know it's silly, but it is the first double burger I've ever had. It was from Rumbi Grill. There was pineapple on it. There was teriyaki sauce on it. It was divine. I ate the entire thing.

The scary part of the recent hamburger splurge is roughly a year ago, when I was brand new with child (children), I craved burgers. Oooooooooooo. (These ooo's are to be read like a ghost is haunting you.) Oooooooooooooo!


Did I scare you? I kind of scared myself a little. Don't worry. It's just about the burgers. No bun and or buns cooking in my oven.

Hmmm. I'm making myself hungry. Maybe there is some spicy lettuce left over in the fridge.


Unknown said...

haha Yeah, I pretty much miss you and our midnight showings of Chopped...

michael. mindy. dane. said...

So glad you're into burgers. You know they are the favorite food in our household. Come on down and we'll treat you to a double double from In-N-Out. You'll never go back to Rumbi and their healthiness. Pssh!

Whatever that meant, I do not know.

I had a dream it was your b-day and I gave you a loaf of french bread. A LOAF OF FRENCH BREAD! Sheesh. Some sister-in-law I am. Happy stinkin' birthday.

Finished Rocky last night. Yo Adrianne. We did it! I'm completely distraught that we're done with the series. Time to start over with Rocky 1 I guess.

Lorflor said...

Now I know what to bring you when I come for my first visit!

Anonymous said...

OOH.. have you tried beet greens? They are similar, but not as bitter. They are good juiced if you are into that (which I would be if the juicer would clean itself). And, never fear, because there is NOTHING better than roasted fresh beets. Roast the beets then make a wilted green salad (warm greens, like swiss chard, beet greens, etc) throw some goat cheese on top, or feta, and ....... mmmm Because now you can spend 2 hrs preparing a salad, right?

Stephanie said...

You're still eating for four, right? That explains it all!