Saturday, July 24, 2010

How We Celebrated Pioneer Day (Hooray!)

Hooray for the 24th of July!

We celebrated this lovely Utah holiday in the following ways:

Ran a 5k with my smoking fast sister.

Ate a pancake breakfast with above mentioned sister after above mentioned race in the darling town of Charleston.

Fed babies with husband after he decided to take the day off. (Hooray!)

Took babies out in public while husband and I ate burgers at the Train Place. (Not the real name, but I'm pretty sure that's what us locals call it.)

Smiled at strangers and thanked them for their compliments of above mentioned babies.

Tried not to be rude when I gently removed stranger sticky toddler finger from hand of one of our babies. (He was cute! I just didn't want his ketchup and melted ice cream on my baby's fingers.)

Scoffed at husband for his large sugary drink choice at Maverick Gas Station. (Mountain Dew. Puuuuke.)

Became aware of the glass house I constantly reside in as I downed my frozen yogurt cone AND large sugary drink of another variety.

Drove up giant hill I ran last year.

Fed babies. Bathed little darlings. Read Goodnight Moon three times. Sang three bedtime songs. Said three short thankful prayers for having such a great day. Kissed three foreheads. Sighed three times.

Sent husband to Subway for dinner.

Talked to husband on phone for contingency plan after learning Subway was closed.

Planned for Chinese dinner.


Remembered the trade off of living in a small town and had a thought that lack of planning and groceries with the combination of living in a small town will make me chubby.

Kentucky Fried Chicken, we do chicken....late!

The pioneers ate fried chicken, right?


michael. mindy. dane. said...

Uhh..could you please not run any more 5Ks? I JUST told Michael minutes ago how I'm bailing on Ragnar because I am completely unmotivated. So let's lay off the casual hints eh? Kidding, kidding.

Love the Train's burgers. Not a fan of their shakes. Bleh.

I never thought of how you'd say a prayer with each baby. I mean, it makes sense, but the thought never crossed my mind. Good thing you're the mom of multiples instead of me!

This comment seems snobby or somethinb, but that is not my intention!

PS, we have GOT to get together soon. It has been way too long!

michael. mindy. dane. said...

PS, my word verification was just "narde." Pretty sure it was a hint towards Nard-dog and how I haven't seen an episode in months.

michael. mindy. dane. said...

PPPS, that last PS should have been PPS.

PPPPS, I was kidding about the casual running hints. I wasn't kidding about being unmotivated. Send some motivated juices my way, please!