Sunday, July 4, 2010

We Love Daddy!

Our dad is the coolest. We all love him so much. He works very hard for us. He gets up at 4 am if one of us cries. He talks to us and laughs at us. Or with us. He doesn't care that we are all bald. He gets less sleep than usual but doesn't complain. (Much.) He doesn't balk at diapers filled with unpleasant things. He doesn't pass off a crying baby to mom because she is usually busy with another one of us. I don't think our mom had any idea what she was in store for when she signed up to have a family with him. She knew he would be a good dad, but this good? Come on! I think she is very happy he is our dad. I think 'happy' is a weak adjective to describe how she really feels. But we are only 6 months old and our vocabulary is lacking. We haven't really gotten past Dr. Suess or picture books yet. She loves him more than ever though. I can tell by the way she kisses his cheek when he is feeding one of us.

Love you Pops.

Love G, S and C


Mike/Margaret said...

We love him to. The babies are beautiful.

michael. mindy. dane. said...

This is too cute. Absolutely love that picture. Chris is such a great dad. I was watching him yesterday with the babies, and he is so so good with them. Dear Babies, who came up with this post? Who dictated? Who did the typing? You guys are very technologically savy! Or is it savvy?

Stephanie said...

Happy 6 month birthday, kiddos! You have come so far and have quite a big fan club out here! Could you be any cuter? Christian, you better start to like the camera. I think you will be a well-photographed child!

Kara - can you believe they're halfway to their first birthday?? Crazy!

kara said...

Dear Aunt Mindy,

It's always a collaborative effort. One of us takes the left side of the keyboard, one of us takes the right. It's just takes a little longer. We've been working on this post since before we were born. We appreciate you teaching us new words like "savvy." :)