Monday, October 18, 2010

Thankful - Oct. 18, 2010

I'm ridiculously lacking in my October gratitude posts. The lack does not indicate the thanks. Lots and lots to sing about.

Of course there's this guy.

And then there's doing this with the guy.

Then there's the majesty of the Wasatch Range in October. The picture is piddly compared to what my eyes actually saw on Saturday.
This gorgeous day was brought to us by Grandma Linda and Aunt Megan. So grateful for them!

I'm grateful that my kids are going to be friends. From experience, there's nothing like having your brothers and sisters as your best friends. Who, by the way, I am incredibly grateful for.

I'm thankful for Sundays. A chance to relax, rest, reflect, repent, and re-do my commitment to be more like the Savior.

I'm thankful for apples, squash, 19 cent pumpkin patches and all other smells, crisp air and warm images that October carries with it.

I' m thankful for my 96 year old grandpa. "Now that you know where I am, hurry back."


Hamblin Family said...

I love your thankful posts! It inspires me everytime I read one to express my thanks more often to those I am thankful for. I am so glad to see that your little family is doing so well! Your kids are the cutest ever!!!

angie said...

oh my, look how big they are getting!!! it's going to be so fun watching them grow up!