Monday, February 14, 2011

Run or Freeze aka SoJo 5K

I officially kicked of the 2011 racing season with a sweet little 5K in South Jordan.

Running with my friend Steph was a definite highlight. The cute Wickify shirts with a cupid on them in honor of Valentine's Day was another outstanding highlight. Not to mention the pink bag our swag stuff came in.

But the cold! Good gravy, the freezing wind. I checked the weather that morning and saw pleasant little numbers like 48. But the wind was making it closer to 12. Agghh!

Good thing we were there to run, otherwise, what a stupid day to go to the park! It was the least amount of time I've ever spent at a finish line.

After being shuttled through the line of ropes most races put you through, there was a table full of fruit and water. Then, at the very end of the table, there was a big bag full of medals. The girl in front of me got one, so silly me, I thought they were handing out participation medals. As I stood with a goofy grin on my face, hand outstretched, waiting for my medal, the guy asked to see my time card. After a quick glance at it, he reached in a bag that had no medals in it and handed me a $5 card to Village Inn. Yea. No participation medals after all. Age group winners got those. Oh well. My goal was not to win my age group.

Goals for most recent 5K: Have fun. Run with a friend.

Mission accomplished.

There is a whole lot of year left for time goals and the like.

Also, I am officially endorsing two great 5K races coming up soon. Both for meaningful causes. Stay tuned. (Because I'm such an important person, my endorsements really matter. Ha.)

The darling racers after the run, in a house, away from the cold. Sorry no pictures at the race. I couldn't think about much except for moving to keep my eyelids and lips from freezing together.

Also, PS - my ever supportive husband and three babies came! Of course they were in the car the entire time. (Did I mention it was soo cold?) But cute Chris got out of the van and cheered us on for the 10 seconds it took to run by his little parking space.

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