Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I signed up for a marathon this year. It will be my first one. I've done Ragnar, a handful of 5Ks and a 10K. I've done a lot of running just to run. But this will be my first BIG race. (Although Ragnar is pretty big. I'm kind of in love with it.) I picked the Wasatch Back Marathon for two reasons: 1) it was cheap and (2 location. Did I check the course map or elevation changes or any of this? No.

Should I have? Umm, yes. This lovely race has a steady elevation climb for 13 miles. You run up a mountain for 3000 feet! Of course the pay off is the rest of the race is down hill, but still. My friend has reluctantly agreed to run this race with me. Even though her husband (who is in training for an Ironman) said we were nuts to run this race, we are still going through with it. She is calling it her own personal Ironman, er..woman.

The messed up part is despite the ridiculous elevation climb for 13 straight miles with no break insight until mile 14, I'm all geeked out about it. I'm slightly thrilled for the training program of hills, hills and a few more hills for good measure. Can you say masochistic?

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