Saturday, March 5, 2011

Music and Gear For the Long Run

No frozen hams today. Today's long run was so much better than my last one. I learned from my mistakes and layered up today. An extra layer of skin underoos and extra pants over my tights. MUCH better. Much warmer. Although I think I look like a complete nerd in all my gear (hydration belt, little pack for a gel, big hat, there's a picture below) I had everything I needed for a fantastic nine miler.

Music is an essential part of my running regimen. Every once in a while I will go sans tunes because I think it's right to be one with where you are. There is something almost sacred about your feet hitting the earth while you hear the birds talk, see the leaves blow, smell the cows and notice the melting snow.

But today was a music run. Just for fun, here is a rundown of who kept me company during my one hour, forty one minute jog fest. Eclectic is the word of the day.

Sounds So Good - Ashton Shepherd
Coldplay - various, always from Viva la Vida!
Battle Hymn of the Republic - MoTab (you better believe it)
Rihanna - stood under her umbrella, ella, ella, ella
Forever - Chris Brown (WHY do I love this song so much?)
Alicia Keys - she's my girl
Shinedown - Second Chance
Eddie Vedder - Hard Sun
Nickleback - Chris and I share an ipod. Normally, not my thing. (I mean BLAH!) But for some reason on a run, they get me going.
Kings of Leon - DEFINITELY my thing. Love em.
Sting - All This Time Album
Popular from Wicked (...ler...lar!)
Justin Timberlake - at about mile 5 we BOTH brought sexy back.
Mos Def - Quiet Dog
Mana, Shakira and Locos por Jauna - My heart is 1/16 Latina. It's got to be fed.
Metallica - my running guilty pleasure band. Where is that crown King Nothing?
The Way I Are - Timbaland (Another favorite I don't know why I like so much.)
Counting Crows - 1995 called, they want their playlist back
Alien Ant Farm - Seriously, Annie, are you ok?

There is a sample of my playlist of songs whilst prancing through my back country valley looking like this:

(I had Chris snap this picture when I got back. What a nerd! Me, not Chris.)

9 miles. 1:41:39. 11:17 min/mile.

What is on your running playlist? What songs get you going mid run?


Elise and John said...

I'm actually so glad you posted your playlist, i'm going to get some of those songs for my runs, i'm running out of music that keeps me going....when i start running more than 1.5 mile (thats where i'm at, i know ridiculous, i'll get there..) i'll give you an update of the songs i listen to, this is serious stuff though, every runner needs new music, i think :) Way to go on your 9 miler! I wish we were closer, i need motivation like you!

Megan said...

You look fabulous. You know how to own the "running is fun for me, yes it's tough, but I love it" look. I completely feel you on the running almost feels spiritual when you're out in nature vibe. But, I gotta tell ya, Bruno Mars gets me going! Thanks for sharing your playlist. I'm going to check out some if those songs. I also noticed that some of the stuff I listen to is identical! Are we sisters or what?!
When I run at home I just stream Pandora through my iPhone. It's nice because it surprises me what song will be next and if it's something lame I just skip it.

kara said...

Elise, 1.5 is not zero! Own it. :) Let's not forget about that new little baby girl in your house. (Not that you could!)

kara said...

Megan, I love Pandora! Woot woot. Heart and Bon Jovi seem to have a regular appearance when I go Pandora. Go 80's.

Megan said...

I forgot to mention my other favorite artist that really gets me running more SWIFTLY. That Taylor, she's just so versatile. Try her out sometime. :)

Sally said...

I'm probably the only one who runs to Motab. Yep, it can really send you around the track depending on the track (other kind), of course.

michael. mindy. dane. said...

You look awesome.

MXPX is my fave to run to. I can jam all day to that. Okay. Not all day. But for a while. Also, "Run this Town" by...Not sure? Love it. It's slow, but I can groove to it. And "Ice Cream Paint Job" is sweet, too. Not because it's a great song but because it reminds me of Michael and I need an extra kick when I'm ready to pass out.

macndos said...

Artist: Marnie Stern. Album: In advance of the broken arm. Good album, but I like Song: Patterns of a Diamond Ceiling.

"So you see, I'm not looking to find a pot of gold. The picture in my head is my reward. Go"

It creates quite a post-modern running experience.

kara said...

Kels - miss you! No one else I know looks for a post-modern experience when running. I'm looking up your inputs.

macndos said...

:) Can't say I was looking for it, but it was a great thing to find! Now if only I could find my way into running again.

macndos said...

Also, let me know what you think. You don't have to be nice.