Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Birthday from all 4 of your kids!

I have officially taken over my wives blog post. My kids told me the other day when Kara had left to go to her writing group that they wanted me to tell the whole world (yes her blog is that popular) that they are so grateful for their mommy and love her so much.

Sunny said, "My mom is so pretty and I can't wait to grow up and look just like her someday. My dad says I look like her and that I am smart like her. I remember all the way back when she would visit me in the hospital almost every day even though my brothers were home. She read me stories, talked to me and helped me feel so comfortable. She always talks to me like I am older and I know school someday will be easy because of how much time she is going to spend helping me and "the brothers" learn. I love how much time she spends with me even though "the brothers" are always trying to use up all of her attention. She reads to me, plays with me and sings with me. I'm not as thirsty as my brothers are but she always makes sure I get enough. I love our walks she takes us on, she is always trying to make us happy. I can be kind of needy sometimes and I try to hold on to her shirt and not let go. I do that every time she holds me because "the brothers" are always trying to grab her attention. She loves me and makes me feel special. She would do anything for me because she is my mommy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY, YOU ARE MY BEST FRIEND!

Christian said, "My mom is amazing. I test her patience everyday and she never breaks. For those of you that don't know me I have a lot of energy and I'm trying to get my terrible 2's over with before I even get to 2. I know my mom loves me because of how she treats me. She reads to me, plays toys with me, picks me up every time I fall (which seriously might be 100 times a day), comforts me when I hit my head on all kinds of stuff, cuddles with me, and sings to me. I try to talk to her everyday and let her know how I am feeling, she listens to me and tries to understand what I am saying. She is my comfort when I wake up in the middle of the night because I had a bad dream. I am such a happy kid because she loves me and makes me smile. I love her cooking and eat whatever she puts in front of me. My mom is teaching me how to be soft and gentle with my brother and sister. She shoots hoops with me on my little hoop and teaches me how to throw the ball around. I don't think every mom out there is as good as she is at sports. Thanks mom for loving me and always being there when I cry out for you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY, YOU ARE MY BEST FRIEND!

Gabe said, "I love how my mom reads to me everyday. Sometimes she will read the same book 5 or 6 times to me because it is my favorite. She lets me listen to my favorite CD that teaches me about animal sounds that I mimic. She never gets frustrated with me when I treat changing my diaper or getting dressed as a game that I try to wiggle out of. I love her so much that I try to latch on to her legs all day long trying desperately to get her to hold me. Even though she is busy and has to watch Sunny and Christian she picks me up as much as she is able. I am kind of picky when it comes to food. She is patient with me and makes sure I always have enough. She will even cook me a plain waffle versus a blueberry waffle because she knows I don't like those yucky blueberries messing with my awesome breakfast. I can't think of a mom who could love me anymore. She knows I am little but loves me anyways. She makes me feel strong and important and always praises me. I know she will always be there for me. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY, YOU ARE MY BEST FRIEND!"

Kara, I also want to express my appreciation for you. (Sorry if this gets to mushy for some of you. Wait 98% of the people that read this blog are women. I'm good.) I knew how great of a mother you would be when I married you. You have officially surpassed my expectations. To accomplish what you do on a daily basis with our kids is nothing short of a miracle. With all 3 of them grabbing at your legs and trying to get your attention all day long it's a wonder how you can accomplish all of the cooking and house work. You have seen me with these kids on a Sat by myself. When you get home it's an accomplishment if I have got out of my pajamas for the day. You are truly amazing and I love you! I look forward to our next set of triplets (just kidding, twins would be fine.) Ok seriously I will stop. You are my best friend and I sincerely thank you for being such a terrific mother. That is the best gift you can give me! HAPPY BIRTHDAY WIFEY, YOU ARE MY BEST FRIEND!

(It's amazing how difficult it is to take a picture of one of these kids on your phone while you are trying to get them to hold a piece of paper, with the other two grabbing at your legs. It was fun! Regardless....these kids truly do love their mommy. Have a great Birthday dear!)


Mike/Margaret said...

Happy Birthday to a wonderful person and daughter-in-law. We love you. Not everyone could handle your life, and you do it, what looks to me like, effortlessly.

Chris, thanks for the pictures, and you are right, Sunshine looks beautiful like her mommy.

Lydia said...

awwwww Happy Birthday!!!!

kara said...

Wow. Best birthday ever. What a lucky 31 year old I am!

michael. mindy. dane. said...

this is so sweet. way to go, chris! oh, and HAPPY B-DAY! i feel like a loser for writing it on your blog instead of on your face. i your face. i mean...shoot. the end.

Heidi said...

That is So cute! Happy Birthday!!!

Hamblin Family said...

That is the cutest stinkin' blog post ever!!! Happy Birthday Kara! You are obviously a great Momma! Keep up the good work!

Shauna said...

Well said!