Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Where Ya Been?

Maybe some of you have asked yourself, "Hey, wasn't there a triplet mama girl that used to put up blog posts and stuff? What ever happened to her?"

I'll tell you. We have been on an all expense paid vacation to Hades! That's right, a lovely tour of the River Styx and an ever impressive stay at the seventh level. We even went there in a handbasket.

In other words, my kids have been sick. All of them. Stomach and intestine bug sick. If it wasn't coming out one end, don't worry, it came out the other. Awesome!!

So, it's really been all smiles, giggles, unicorns and rainbows for the past little while. (Wait, strike that, reverse.) Because they don't all get sick at the exact same time on the exact same day. Nooooo. They each take a turn, like one day after another. (Did I mention my husband came along?) So it really extended out our stay. Just when we thought it was over, there was another exciting adventure around the corner! Usually in the middle of the night!


But every vacation must come to an end. So we have left the seventh level of hell and are now back to our normal day to day life. (almost. real close.) And I couldn't be happier. Or more grateful for healthy, happy babies. I know my sweet little monsters are happier too. Poor things. They did not like our vacation to Hades.

(I hate, hate, hate those sad faces when they don't feel well. Awful.)


Mike/Margaret said...

My poor babies. I'm glad to hear you are feeling better. It sounds like you all need a dose of the cottage.

Kisses and hugs for all.

Unknown said...

I thought of you not too long ago, when Jonah was sick and it would not go away, and I considered building a raft and taking off in it. "What must this be like with three babies?" I thought. Please keep the answer of that secret to yourself - FOREVER! Glad they are better!

Kelsey said...

So, yeah... JPEC - doh. That's Kelsey. It's my superhero identity.

michelle grange said...

Sad! Sick kids (x's 3) are the worst! Glad you are back from hell.

Carrie said...

i went there once. last month actually. with just my one baby. welcome home.