Saturday, April 2, 2011

No Waffling About It, Breakfast IS Awesome

Since I've been putting up all these ridiculous bracket picks, I am realizing how much I really like breakfast. I mean, I knew it already, but I really like breakfast. Really. I love to make breakfast. I love to go out to breakfast. I love that there can be a special meal called brunch which is usually heavy on the "br." Way more breakfast foods at at a 10:00 am meal than lunch meats and rolls.

So, in honor of me liking breakfast so much, (because anytime there is a chance to honor breakfast, I will do it) I thought I would share one of our breakfast things we do. Waffles! I'm not an Eggo kind of girl. I like real salt, real baking powder, real whole wheat flour waffles. I literally make these almost every morning. I also misuse the word "literally" quite literally all the time. On non-waffle mornings, we'll have eggs or pancakes or french toast. And fruit. Always fruit.

My Waffle Recipe:
1 C whole wheat flour (or rice or soy flour is good too)
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp real salt (I recommend Real Salt, a local Utah product!)
1 egg beaten well before adding to mix
1 C milk (can also substitute soy or rice milk etc. also)
2 Tbl oil (I like olive)

Mix up, let it sit for two or more minutes and pour in a good old waffle maker.

This recipe makes about 6-8 waffles. Double it up if feeding a crowd! Syrup of course is a classic. But we like REAL syrup. Well, I do anyway. (I promise I not a food snob.) Since REAL syrup tends to run on the pricey side, we do honey on our waffles and pancakes.

I'm getting hungry.

Here is a little sample of breakfast at our house! Blueberry pancakes were on the menu. Sometimes I feel like I'm feeding the three bears.

Too much blueberry! (Gabe)
Not enough blueberries! (Christian)
Just right. (Sunny)

Gabe wouldn't touch his pancakes until I had picked out every blueberry on his tray. Aren't we too young for this? Help!

Sunny loves breakfast too. Especially whatever fruit is on the menu. She kicks her little legs when I serve her the sweet stuff. She also likes ketchup on her eggs. Just like her mommy.

I hope one can really appreciate the extent to which this little bear is covered in his breakfast. He's a two fisted, no slowing down, eat whatever is in front of him little boy. His hands were stained blue until bath time.

waffle picture found here.


michael. mindy. dane. said...

i love this. michael told me about these pictures. classic. you are a good mom. and not just because you make them breakfast. but you know what i mean. i can't wait for the day when i can stay home and make my little lovey breakfast :)

Carrie said...

here i am, hungry at 9 30 pm. i had been wondering what to eat but now it's a no brainer. i'm going to fix myself some breakfast! right now! LITERALLY!!!

Aimee said...

Kara, those munchkins of yours are too cute for words. I'm so glad that you are all doing so well. Take care! Aimee :0)

Jimi said...

Look at those three!! :)