Thursday, August 11, 2011

We Have Been Doing Other Things

Despite my constant posting and rambling on and on about running here and there, running everywhere, I will not eat green eggs and ham... oops. Sorry.

Despite all the running posts, we have been doing other things this summer besides working around a training plan.

Like going to a parade with cousins.

And watching it with Daddy.

And really liking the drums in the high school marching band.

And being so surprised to see Grandpa in the fire truck in the parade! He was just as surprised to see us as we were him.

Good thing Gabe has his brother to hold on to. He did not like the fire truck siren.

We've also headed out the door in matching pink get ups this summer. Well, we did it once. And it was an accident. But still cute, no?

We have also seen lots of dogs when we've been out and about. Sometimes one of us will even sit (Gabe) when the owner tells the dog to sit. The kids are REALLY into dogs.

Although I don't have pictures, we've also been to a BBQ where I fed the kids watermelon in the grass and loved watching the juice drip down their chins and on their shirt. Sometimes I feel a little guilty about how much we don't get out. (It's such a project! It's usually just me!) So that moment of juicy, watermelony stickiness made me feel good. It was a real summer moment.

We have also been to the pool! Once. They all hated it. Big sigh. We'll try that one again.

We are going to Rhode Island soon. Like, on a family vacation. I guess that is what you would call it. I'm mostly calling it a nightmare at 30,000 feet for 4 1/2 hours. But once we get there it will be great. In my head, it's going to be this light, lovely moment when my three little darling all see and touch and smell the ocean for the first time. But in reality, Gabe will probably hate how the sand feels on his hands, Christian will probably be scared the first time a little wave hits his feet and Sunny will cling to her daddy like a monkey. Her cute little legs will have a deadlock grip around his rib cage. But that is why God gave me a sense of humor and the ability to enjoy even the crazy, not so exciting moments. Sometimes it's even while the moment is happening. But retrospect has also been good to us.

Another thing we've been up to this summer-- practicing being kind. Hitting someone on the head then waiting for a reaction is a favorite activity as of late. So, lots of our family home evening lessons have been about being sweet to one another. I couldn't resist pulling out the camera on this one...

(Don't mind the fact that no one has clothes on. They are post bath / pre pajamas here. Also, don't worry about the land mine of a play room they have to play in. It does get straightened every once in a while.)

I know summer is waning, but we aren't done! More fun stuff to come.

Are you getting nervous summer is almost over? Any last minute plans to soak it all in before it's time to start buying trapper keepers?


michael. mindy. dane. said...

love, love the video! so sweet. very cute.

Lorflor said...


Heidi said...

Love these updates on your family! Benjamin is about the same age, so I often think of you with three at this active and explorative time :) We are visiting here in UT, so hope we can plan a playdate! Have a great vacation and good luck. Hugs!

Mike/Margaret said...

We are so looking forward to taking them to the beach at the cottage. 3 generations of boys at the cottage, never thought it would happen. Also, don't worry, when you get off the plane I plan on stealing a few babies so that you can get your sanity back. Love you guys and only 7 more days.

Stephanie said...

I haven't heard the term trapper keeper since 1989. Nostalgia. Just be grateful your waning summer doesn't end in sending your first borns to school for 8 hours a day. I'm having issues. Have a great time back east!

Amanda Wells said...

Super cute, and I just have to know if Sunny's diaper is taped on. Gotta love being a mom!!!

Rach Williams said...

I do NOOOOT know how you do it! 3? HOLY CRAP!!! I am amazed, in awe, impressed, and admiration of you and your wonderful mothering skills :)

Lorflor said...

Hi Kara. So I am invading your space to say that I finally have some after pictures of my Bear Lake project up on my LorienOriginal site. You probably don't remember - but You requested to see them back when I was just starting the design like....3 years ago. SO here ya go!