Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Plan

I made a decision late last night.

I am going to have a house that is always clean.  We don't live in slop or anything, but I seem to always have piles everywhere.

Piles of laundry.
Piles of paper.
Piles of toys.
Piles of laundry.
Piles of tiny hair bands and combs.
Piles of shoes.
Piles of dishes.
Piles of laundry.

Always with the piles.  So I gave myself a mini pep talk last night and this gal is going to be that person that has a pile free house.  I am giving myself a week 5 days to be that person.  And I already know what half of you are thinking.

"Why?"  "Who cares?"  "A pile-free house is overrated! We all have piles!"  "At least you don't have piles of crap."  (whoever said that last one -- gross)

Be that as it may.  I think I have reached some sort of clutter threshold.  I need to be free for a week 5 days.  If that goes well, then maybe I will make it another couple of days.  Isn't 21 the number?  Twenty-one days of doing something makes it a habit?  Not sure who came up with that, but I think it's malarky.

I like my plump ladies.  They look peaceful, don't they?

Regardless! I will press on with my plan.  Five days of a clean house, people.  I'm feeling good about it.  I think I can do it.  Today was a practice day.  Because I still have 3 separate piles of laundry in the living room.  I'm officially starting tomorrow.

While making my plan I also have a wish list in relation to household duties.

1. A dishwasher that requires no pre-rinsing of dishes.  When I say no pre-rinsing, I mean straight from the table to the dishwasher.  I want that sucker to have a garbage disposal.  I want to be able to put a half-eaten turkey dinner right into the bottom rack and come out shining.

2. A personal laundry assistant.  I will wash and dry.  She will fold and put away.  I will pay her and I choose it to be a woman because we have so much laundry everyday and she will be here a lot and I think we would become good friends.  (This wouldn't be on the wish list if anyone wanted to do it for free.  I will make you cookies or something.  You wouldn't have to fold and put away the unmentionables.  Think about it.)

That's it.  Just two things.  I'm not asking much, right?

A pile free house.  Besides it clearing my mind, it gives us more room for important things like learning how to somersault.  You know, essential life skills.  I can't be bogged down by a cluttered house.

Part of the reason I was up, not sleeping and scheming about a pile free house last night was because of Stephanie.  She had her mastectomy this morning.  Last night, just thinking about it,  I kept trying to imagine what that might be like, the night before you are about to have poison removed from your body.  But with the poison, also an essential part of what makes you a woman.  But she is stronger than me.  She's incredible.  There is an update on her blog how things went today.  She's one tough chica.

We did some fun trail running together this summer in preparation for our insane mountain marathon.  We both loved it and started to like running the trails more than any flat, asphalted surface.  A few weeks ago we went on a hike.  We both missed the mountain air.  I snapped this picture of her in the leaves.

Which I love.  For obvious reasons.  This is who she is.  Conquerer.  She starts chemo next month.  So if you're the praying type, (even if you aren't) maybe think about her.

I will be.  It sure does make my piles seem a lot less important.


Brenda said...


MrsD said...

Do you think "piling" is an inherited trait?

Tina said...

Chase watched the video clip with me and was awestruck at the length of the baby fence! Seriously...No cute baby comments?! I on the other hand am totally impressed kiddos! :)

The Colbys... written by Erin said...

umm.. LOVE those plump ladies!! MUST KEEP or PASS on to only one person... me:) I have neighbors who have triplets that are 5yrs old and so... I always think of you guys at the same time!! It's nice to have you come into my mind like... every other day:)

sending good vibes to your friend!

I also concur with Tina there... that is a SERIOUS kid fence!!

Kelsey said...

May I suggest you be a bit more lenient? It's not the size of the pile that should upset you, but the duration of time it has existed. Daily piles are just a sign of industriousness. It's not until the pile becomes a permanent part of the home that you should begin to loathe its existence.
Sincerely, The Keeper of Many Piles

Abby said...

I would like to apply for the "paying Laundress position"
:) p.s. I am so grateful for Sunshine sending Lucy clothes. This isn't a real thank-you but the note is in one of my "piles" and therefore it keeps getting put off!