Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This Is What Fall Is

We got Booed.  You know what that is, right?  Your doorbell rings, you answer it, no one is there.  But guess what is?
I'm supposed to put the photocopied picture of a ghost in our window to make sure no one else Boos us.  So no one else drops off treats on our door.  I'm thinking of forgetting to put it up.  C'mon!  Free treats!

Squash for dinner.  I like it all.  Winter or summer varieties.  Winter squash this time of year is particularly yumm-o.  Tonight we had the butternut variety.  In my favorite way.  

Butternut Squash Soup! 
(I don't think exclamation points are used enough these days.  Just giving them a little run.)
 I think I will share the recipe someday.  It's like you're eating fall itself.  A rich, decadent, sun drenched afternoon gives your taste buds a big warm hug.  We paired this lovely fall afternoon with grilled cheese sandwiches and yam/potato combo of oven baked fries. Along with a beautiful fall day simmering in my bowl, I also experienced a small moment of bliss.  My three toddlers AND husband were all quiet because they were ALL and enjoying their dinner.  This momma was happy.  

The kidlets enjoying their soup.  We are working on the utensil thing.  I think they'll get it before high school at least.  They will eventually learn how to use a fork and spoon.

Sweaters.  Is it weird I enjoy a cold kitchen floor in the morning?  I love the cooler mornings this time of year.  Mostly because I know the afternoon will be warmer.  Come February, I will be cursing my stupid, freezing floor.  But now, in this crisp morning, warm afternoons, cool evening type days, a girl needs a few sweaters.  Thanks to my neighborhood Savers, (kind of into thrift stores lately) I now have a few new ones.  New to me.  

There is my fall snapshot for the day.  

Does your neighborhood Boo each other?  What should I leave on someone else's porch?  Remember, they won't know it's from me.  Shoot.  I just thought of the whole ringing the doorbell and running thing.  What if I trip over a bush?  

Do you ever shop at thrift stores?  I won't do underwear, stuffed animals or upholstered furniture.  Everything else is fair game.

Favorite way to eat squash?

One of my favorite comic strips had an awesome! homage to the above mentioned punctuation the other day: click here!!!!!


The Colbys... written by Erin said...

YUMMM! I LOVE butternut squash soup.. putting it on my dinner list... BUT I want your recipe!! Please share:)

Thanks for your comments on my blog:) I just love ya!!

Kelsey said...

I ALSO love butternut squash soup.
Yes, my neigbors BOO each other, but in a much different way than yours. They don't even wait until Halloween! :)
Yes, I do thrift stores for a whole ton of stuff. I attribute Jonah's great immune system to all my thrift store purchases.

Karen said...

I am for sure becoming a consignment shopper but just for the kiddies!! I have a favorite one where I find tons of brand name stuff. But my very favorite thing is when gap turns their store into a thrift store. I bought Hunter some church pants today for 4 bucks!! All their sale items are half off. Sweetness to my wallet. And your spoon feeding comment cracked me up. I spoon fed haylee until she was three. And she still is three so I didn't give it up that long ago. One day she was like, "mom I can eat myself you know." I was a serious first time mom.

MrsD said...

I love exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!period.

Elise said...

Hey! I want your recipe! You should blog it, or just email it to me, that would be great :) jevanorman@gmail.com. Ps. I LOVE Fall too! And no, we don't boo eachother, but pumpkin bars are my favorite all treat... Good luck

Shauna said...

You need an Alex or Ben for your boo runner, they are pretty fast:)!