Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Time is Here

Lucy wanted a big, pink, aluminum tree.  Charlie Brown came back with a small, sparse little green one instead.

I feel like Lucy sometimes.  Except my pink tree is some 8ft fir, waiting to be found in the forest.  We go in our horse drawn sleigh, bundled up, singing Christmas carols.  We bring our giant home to decorate with ornate and elaborate ornaments, ribbon, tinsel, lights and one giant star on the top.

But really, sitting in our garage for eleven months, we have a tree we pull out of a box every year.  Like Charlie Brown's tree, it seems to lose a few needles each time you touch it.

But it's ours.  We don't need a pink, aluminum tree.  We have each other.  And our humble tree reminds me of a humble birth.  

I love Christmas time.  


David and Brooke Gallagher said...

How cute! It truly makes my heart very happy inside to see this going in your home. Knowing how long you waited, so paiently to have these sweet babies come! These truly are the moments in which being a mom/parent make it all worth it! I loved there faces when you guys plugged in the tree and fun it is to see Chris as a dad having them help him. It reminds me how lucky us Gallagher gals to hav married such good men! oh and they sre so big! I can't gt over it! You have little x-mas helpers now!

Unknown said...

I just teared up a little bit. I'M SO EXCITED TO COME HOME!!! Loves.

michael. mindy. dane. said...

love the video. your kids are much more interested than dane was. he just wanted to throw the balls across the room. he does like the lights, though. anyway. looks awesome. maybe i should come see it in person? i mean, i know i've been over, like, 100 times already, but one more might not hurt :)