Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Days After

So it begins.

Those cold and long days after Christmas.  Tree still up.  Halls still decked.  Fridge full of leftovers in the form of an over-indulgent breakfast casserole.

I know it has to all come down eventually.  That's the hardest part about these days after.  Going out to the garage to fetch my giant, plastic totes seems daunting (and freezing).

I'll give it a few more days.  We did, after all have a wonderful few days of being merry and bright.  So I'll let it all linger just a while longer.

Sausage casserole, anyone?


The Colbys... written by Erin said...

I'll take some of that casserole:) Hey, I had a dream last night that your family came and to visit us... we put your triplets to sleep in ONE pack'n'play in our closet and went to sleep. Well, all night long you and your Mr. were PAINTING our walls! We woke up to the most GLORIOUS surprise! The entry was grey and the halls were the most amazing blue! I couldn't believe you guys would do something so nice... and then you said, "I just remember how much you said you'd miss that blue paint in your NYC apartment... so I thought I'd bring it to suburbia!" WOW you are are such a stand up person- even in my dreams. Sorry about putting all of your kids in one pack n play. I mean, after painting my whole house I probably could have splurged for a couple more:) Merry Christmas!

kara said...

That was so nice of us! :) Don't worry about the one pack n play. I'd be more concerned about the closet. You live in suburbia now! You don't have to have guests sleep in closets anymore! Glad we showed up in your dreams. We miss you guys!

Galley's said...

I LOVE the picture! What a sweet family. I took everything down this weekend- even the outside lights. Feels good to have it all put away. I even wrote myself a note about which lights were burned out. Is that weird?