Friday, May 25, 2012

Save the Date

My fellow Americans.  Friends, family, neighbors and lovely strangers.  Remember this day.  For this day will live on in my memory.  Forever.

Dust off your journals.  Update your status. So when your grandkids ask you, "Do you remember where you were that day?"  You'll be able to say, yes.  Yes I do.  

You'll always remember where you were the day all the laundry in my house was washed, folded and put away.

 And now, moving on to more pleasant tasks.  Deciding which flavor Dreyer's bar to eat first.

  And speaking of accomplishments, my youngest brother, the baby of our family graduated from high school yesterday.  The 6th and last child in my family to graduate from the same high school.  He also did something extra kudos-like.  He received an Academic All-State award in four sports.  The only person in the history of the world ever to achieve such an honor.

Oh, I've just been handed a bulletin.  Correction:  the only person in the history of South Summit High School to ever win the award in 4 sports.  Still cool.

Bravo little brother.  Your ever-expanding sister is quite proud of you.

Chris and the babies are missing from this family shot.  He graciously offered to stay home with them.  Graduation was outside, in a stadium, in the mountains.  Mix that with our three, and it's a recipe for missing the entire thing because the kids are running up and down bleacher stairs, while possibly, inadvertently wiping their dripping noses (from the cold mountain air) on the nice folks that came to watch Johnny get his diploma.  Let's be honest, do I look like I'm in any condition to go up and down stairs?!?

You have to pick your events sometimes.

What is your biggest accomplishment of the week?


Karen said...

Fixing my hair three times this week!!! I was super impressed with myself. And I did this all while surviving six whole days without Weston! Oh I'm so glad he's back.

Callister said...

Kudos to your little brother! That's awesome.

I didn't throw up for three days in a row this week! As you probably well know, that is SUCCESS after suffering 6 weeks of morning sickness. Bring on the second trimester!

kara said...

@Karen, there should be special medals awarded at the end of week long business trips! To you, not the traveler. :)

kara said...

@Callister, congrats on your pregnancy!! That dang first trimester can really mess with you. I hope you're feeling better, and yes hooray for the middle part of this pregnant adventure.