Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My First Time in the Third Trimester

So, here's the deal.

This third trimester is new territory for me.  Let me first say that I love the fact that I'm having a third trimester.  Awesome sauce.  Did you know that at this point, every day you keep your little bundle inside you is three days she doesn't have to spend in the NICU?  Good news.  Happy I'm here, hanging out at 32 weeks.  Feels good.

You know what doesn't feel good?  Your hands going completely numb and losing the ability to grip.  This is most prominent in the morning.  Try eating cereal without actually gripping your spoon.  Good times.  This happened with the trio, but I figured it was a triplet pregnancy thing.  Nope.  It's a me pregnancy thing.

I've also had a few maladies from the first trimester come back to haunt me.  They've returned and are taking up residency again.  Fatigue, nausea, I'm flattered you took such a liking to me, but come on.  Have you met my kids?!  Their energy and schedule doesn't exactly mesh well with a woman who can't seem to get going until 2 in the afternoon.

But I did wash the floor today.  I also had a neighbor friend come by and play with my busy bunch.  Grandma D stopped by with a new alphabet rug everyone loves.  I had a late girl's night with a friend that included homemade strawberry ice cream and Downton Abbey.  I also worked a green salad into tonight's menu of hot dogs and baked beans.  I scored a dozen packs of blackberries for .88 each.  I'm also itching 87% less than I used to.

So once again, despite my best efforts to be a big fat complainer, my life is good.

Also, I remember literally mourning not being able to feel my little ones kick and move inside me when they were born too early.  So I can say with honesty, I absolutely relish these little jabs and kicks that prevent me from falling asleep and startle me awake.

What my cereal eating looks like in the morning (as long as Chris is still home to pour the milk).  The key is finding a way to grip without actually bending your finger joints.  Tricky.

What it looks like to be the light in mommy's life.

Also, my fingers are officially numb and in pain in the time it took to compose this post.  But that's the kind of blogger I am.  FIGHT THROUGH THE PAIN!  ANYTHING FOR THE SAKE OF A BORING, ROUTINE POST!

You're welcome.


Karen said...

Wow what an interesting side effect from pregnancy. I'm always fascinated by the different things pregnancy can do. I thought my hair turning curly was bad. Nope, you win!!! Thanks for fighting through the pain girly! You're a fighter!

michael. mindy. dane. said...


we are now having hot dogs and baked beans for dinner. sounds awesome.

let's hang out!

kara said...

@mindy - Sunflower Market for the blackberries. Sadly, yesterday was the last day of the sale. They do however, have green and red grapes for .88 a pound for another week.

kara said...

@karen, ha ha! I'm going to refer people to you when they tell me I'm so lucky to have curly hair.

Carrie said...

thanks for being a complainer! i love that you find joy and humor in your strange and inconvenient pregnancy symptoms. i like to flatter myself and think i was the same way. pregnancy is so amazing. mmm downton abbey... even more delicious than ice cream. and i'm happy for you and your third trimester! i really liked the third. despite being so tired that i would regularly fall asleep mid sentence and even while i was standing up... there's something that's just so amazing about having a real person inside of you. the rolls and pokes and jabs just get better and better until you deliver. soak it up!

Carrie said...

umm apparently i shouldn't attempt to comment at 1am. i mean to say thanks for being a trooper and thanks for not being a complainer! i really should go to sleep!

Kristin Hackman said...

I love hearing about your pregnancy because I had so many of those same feelings - just always wondering what the other half did with a normal pregnancy?!! I just read your hypno post as cool...the mind is so powerful, sometimes its scary (like when you know your mind is in the dumpster). comment & the list .. oh yea, once a month I make a list and threaten to "quit the gym" "quit Gymboree" "cut babysitting hours" - all in attempt to fund college tuition and weddings...ahhhhh.

Keep up the great work - impressed you are cleaning's to EIGHT more weeks of an uneventful uterus and swollen hands for you !