Tuesday, June 10, 2008

From Macaroni to Inflation

At the gym today, the tv that happened to be in front of the machine I chose was on the game show channel. And do you want to guess what game show came on during my 30 minutes of trying to sweat off the disgusting macaroni and cheese I had the night before? (I wasn't planning on eating it, I made it for Chris. But next thing I know I have a bowl in front of me. Why? Why? Why?)

The ever classic Family Fued. Not classic as in coifed hair man host. Classic as in it's been around for-e-ver. The host was actually Elaine's boss, Mr. Peterman. Anyway. The family won the bonus lightening round at the end. The guy that picked the answers to help them win jumped up and down like he had just won a million dollars. But did he win a million dollars? No. They had won $20,000.

Which brings me to my point. I don't know why they were so excited. There are like six of them. That means they each only get a meager $3300 each. I bet as soon as they leave the studio and have to fill up their cars with gas they won't be as excited. Or maybe they are flying home and realize that the airlines are now charging extra money if you want to check more than one bag. Or maybe they will get the gas bill in the mail when they get home and realize they should've tried to get on that game show with the short bald man and all the pretty girls. It seems game shows need to adjust their winnings to the cost of inflation.

I don't like to talk politics and economics, or be as cynical as this rant portrays, but I'm just saying. Sheesh world, give us a break.

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michael. mindy. dane. said...

Ha ha! I agree! So funny! And please, don't apologize for your cynicism, it makes the rest of us, who don't apologize, look bad!