Sunday, June 8, 2008

In My Next Life...

Professions or alter egos I wish I were in another life:

1. A truck driver. The open road, roadside cafes where you can order the 2 egg special from Flo. But the main reason is the CB talk. Of course my handle would be “Big Red.”

2. A jazz singer in the 1940’s. Maybe I could open for Billie Holiday in a smokey cafĂ©. I just want to croon somewhere in a real sexy dress.

3. An heiress to one of the Newport mansions in Rhode Island circa turn of the century. I would be the envy of all my other rich friends when we have the first motor car in town. Meanwhile, I’ll take brunch on the lawn, Charles.

4. A traveler anytime before planes were invented and after trains. Someone standing on a wooden platform of a train station saying good bye as the train pulls away is so much more romantic than waving after you’ve gone through metal detectors at the airport.

5. A pizza maker. I’ve always wanted to mumble some song in and Italian accent while tossing dough in the air repeatedly.

6. Ninja. Although I don’t know of any small village in distress that would reap the rewards of me being a ninja. So I would probably use all my ninja skills just eavesdropping on someone else’s conversation.

7. Professional violinist. There is a sad heart deep in me that wished I’d never stop taking lessons.

8. A muse for Shakespeare. The tragic kind. Unrequited love seems to have more power over the imagination.

9. Ray Allen. All those three’s. How would that be? I can’t even make a 10 footer on a regular basis.

10. Professional Surfer. Any job where you have to report to work everyday at the beach is a good thing. Not to mention as part of the job you are required to be in the ocean. I would also enjoy the freedom of saying words like, “dude,” and “gnarly” without raised eyebrows.


michael. mindy. dane. said...

Um HELLO! You're in the blogging world too? I'm so glad! I, too, am usually confused about what I am to say on a blog and whether or not anyone wants to read it, but I'll definitely be checking up on you now ;)
Love ya and miss ya! of 4 said...

Hello. Thank you for the nice words about my baby boy! Where in the world are you all selling your alarms? Have you still got your house here? What company are y'all selling for etc...

Allysha said...

I'd like to see you as a ninja, myself. Thanks for dropping by my site! Blogging is a funny place for reunions.