Saturday, July 5, 2008

And I'm Proud to Be an American!

Happy Birthday America! This was my first 4th of July outside of Utah. Which means of course, my first 4th of July not spent in Oakley, Ut! To give you an idea of what I missed, read this.
I had fun celebrating with friends in one of the original colonies. The local parade was interesting.

Here is a picture from the parade that will give you an idea as to what it was like, small and weird.

Later that night, some people in our group even decided to recreate the Revolutionary War by throwing fireworks at each other. Wow.

However, despite how I celebrated or where, I have a deep love for our country. I enjoy the freedom and peace that comes with being an American. I may not always agree one hundred percent with all of our current administration's policies but I believe in "being subject to..presidents" and am proud to live in a society where we vote for our next leader. (Make sure you vote this November!!) I also believe that I am able to "worship how, where or what [I] may" because of this beautiful country that God has blessed me to live in.

I have never seen the kind of conflict experienced in WWI and WWII, and I am thankful to the veterans who were brave and had the convictions necessary to fight for our country. I am thankful for our current soldiers (whether I agree or not with the reason they are at war) who still fight bravely and serve their country with valor. I sleep soundly and without fear because other men and women risk their life in known and sometimes unknown ways to keep our country safe. I try to remember to pray for our soldiers everywhere.

Being able to travel, own a business, get whatever education I want, have the same opportunities as a man, trust law enforcement, and have a bounty of food in my cupboard are all a drop in the bucket of the great blessings I have from living in this country. I hope to always be grateful, not just for one day in July, that I am an American.

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Karen said...

Well put Kara! I had fun celebrating to fourth with you even though it is hard being away from family on such festive days. Your posts are always upliftin and inspiring