Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Eek! Or Yikes.

The lovely town of Canonsburg we are living in for the summer is quaintly old. Actually, it's more old than quaint. In fact, at this year's parade, a friend of mine and I were commenting on how old the ambulances look. They are like the old fashioned vans that you might have been familiar with had you called 911 back in the seventies.

Of course we made the observation that if one of those had to take us to the hospital, we hoped it would work and not break down on the way there.

On my way home from downtown yesterday, I saw one of our beloved van ambulances in a line of cars waiting to be fixed - at Tatano Bros. Garage. Why does that make me nervous? Maybe it was just routine maintenance. All cars need that. But there is something about seeing a relic from the seventies that serves the community's emergency needs at a repair shop. I'm sure there is nothing wrong, but it just didn't sit right. Oh well, I'm sure the EMT's inside those ambulances have training that is a little more up to date than the van.

I hope.

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michael. mindy. dane. said...

You crack me up! Funny as usual! Love it. P.S., can you tell me how you changed the thing that usually says comments, like yours says 'Tell Me'. I am DYING to do this but don't know how!!