Monday, October 20, 2008

Part II - I Couldn't Wait

After reading my last post, I realized some of those quotes were weird if you never heard them in context and just imagined me saying them. So, here is my explanation of where they come from and a possible example of when I might say them... (I know the reading audience is just dying to know.  My thoughts are so interesting.)

1. "Let's go somewhere...where we can be somebody."  
Dumb and Dumber (you'll see a lot from this classic gem)
The end part of this quote is what is said a lot between me and Chris.

2. "We have MONEY!"
Rocky III
This one was giving me anxiety after I read it.  No, we are not rich and I don't go around just saying this while rolling around in hundred dollar bills.  This is Adrienne's big moment in the Rocky series.  Go rent it and you'll see what I mean.  Our hero Rocky is doubting himself and this line is part of Adrienne's super pep talk. Then he beats Apollo Creed in a race on the beach.  This is fun to say whenever we visit the ATM (even for 20 dollars) or anytime it is any kind of pay day.  

Ok, so I'll do more later.  That was really the only one that I felt weird about.  I'm kind of already bored with what the rest of this post might look like.  

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