Friday, November 7, 2008

Dear Cheese

I miss you. We've been broken up for almost three weeks now. Do you think about me like I think about you? When you're scanning a restaurant menu or day dreaming of pizza, do I cross your mind at all? I miss your spicy pepper jack side and your mild cheddar side. You were so versatile to me. Of course I found soy cheese, and we get along just fine. I've been lucky to be able to tastily adapt to soy cheese's differences compared to yours. However the uppity attitude is getting to me. The whole "I can only be found in a health food store" game could get old fast. Luckily I've made some other friends there so I don't make a special trip just for soy cheese. I think we'll see each other again real cheese. The holidays are coming up. Everyone cheats during the holidays.

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Lorflor said...

Okay - I loved this post! Why can't you eat cheese? And why aren't you eating sour cream?