Monday, December 8, 2008

Pathetic Fallacy

is a term used in literary theory.  When nature reflects a human emotion, state of mind or mood - pathetic fallacy.

A dark sky and clouds today.  A storm is coming.  It's been threatening all day.  Wind, cold, looming swirling clouds.  Not sure why I feel the same way.  Dark.  Like a storm is coming that I'm not ready for.  It doesn't help that today arrives my monthly reminder of what I'm missing in my life.  For now.   I'll feel better tomorrow.  I always do.  For now I have my new running shoes that need 2 more miles racked up on them and Jenny Oaks Baker locked and loaded in my play list.  And breathe.


michael. mindy. dane. said...

I love you.

Shauna said...

I love you too.

Lorflor said...

Loved this post - just like I love you! Excited for the game next Tuesday!!!!