Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

I am 2 days late! Sorry Pops.

56 Reasons Why My Dad is the Greatest:

1. He is funny.
2. He thinks he's funny.
3. He is smart.
4. He built our house.
5. He's a fireman!
6. Integrity
7. He loves his family.
8. He's the hardest working man I know.
9. He can solve any problem with duct tape.
10. He taught me why it's "duct tape" and not "duck tape."
11. Spiritual Giant
12. He's humble about his spirituality.
13. Heart of Gold
14. He honors his parents.
15. Daddy-daughter dates!
16. Provider
17. Presider
18. Protector
19. FHE lessons that included matches and jars
20. Amazing Christmas lights every year
21. His favorite scripture prophet is Elijah.
22. He speaks Thai.
23. He cooks Thai.
24. He loves my husband like his own son.
25. He loves The Doors.
26. He loves J.R.R. Tolkien.
27. He loves Suduko.
28. He loves wasabi peanuts.
29. He loves Seinfeld.
30. He loves The Far Side.
31. He loves Ray Bradbury.
32. He introduced me to Ray Bradbury.
33. He's been married to my mom for 32 years.
34. He's a Captain.
35. Integrity
36. Raquetball Genius
37. He is not a man of the world.
38. He collects Hawaiian shirts.
39. Someday when he retires, all he wants to wear is Hawaiian shirts everyday.
40. He has a testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.
41. I've heard his testimony many times.
42. He supported me no matter what crazy things I did.
43. He supports us no matter what crazy things we do.
44. I know he loves me unconditionally.
45. He's been a hero to many people many times.
46. He doesn't talk a lot about the fact that he's been a hero to many people many times.
47. He loves his family.
48. He's an awesome Grandpa!
49. He taught me how to field grounders.
50. He taught his sons how to wrestle.
51. He still wrestles with his sons.
52. He's been known to quote Proverbs 31:10 on many occasions when talking about my mom.
53. He can build anything.
54. He is a man without guile.
55. He still offers to give me a "little gas money."

Happy Birthday Dad! Love you.


Shauna said...

Amen, Kara, Amen!

LHall said...


You're Dad is the best. Thanks for that post. I have the benefits of his handiwork in my house. He installed a few doors for me - (as opposed to Doors.

It was great sharing supper with you last week.

Love ya,


Lorflor said...

I do like that picture of your pop. This was a fun read.