Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Few Favorite Wintertime Activities

1. Wear big fluffy pink robe over all my clothes at any point I am inside my house. (Thanks Frosts, it was one of my favorite presents!)

2. Lay about 14 inches away in front of the fireplace with some sort of book.

3. Toast face up nicely and get those red cheeks from laying in front of fireplace too long.

4. Take little nappy in front of fireplace.

5. Never worry about nap being too long because being too warm is what wakes me up.

6. Bake anything.

7. Cuddle with adorable spouse who has won several awards for world's greatest cuddler.

8. Savor a warm car that has heated up from the rare January sunshine.

9. Wonder what is the draw to ice fishing behind my house. (Seriously people, a) it's carp! b) it's 12 degrees outside!)

10) Fantasize about warmer days past and those to come. I wish the Ghost of Warm Days Past would visit me at night and take me to all those great days I've had at the beach or in July or a day where I was sweating outside walking around just because it was

I love how the sun shines off the ocean and makes diamonds. Warm, warm sun.

Yes Ghost of Warm Days Past! I remember how hot this day was. That is why my hair is back! I remember, I remember! Don't take me back to the present, I want to stay here on this beautiful, hot day on the dock with the cute man. (Who loves his smile line? Raise your hand!)

Lovely, isn't it? Let's put the top down because it is so nice today! (The car is a vacation rental. No, we do not have a convertible.)

This is one of my happy places I go to when I am walking outside in 12 degree weather. Hot sand, blue water, white legs and lots of sunblock. I LOVE buying a large bottle of sunblock. It means I am going to be spending a large amount of time in the sun. The tiny bottle I just use on my face this time of year is so depressing.

I prefer this set up for reading. Have you ever heard of following your bliss?

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Shauna said...

The two biggest drawbacks of Omaha, 1. No Family 2. No Beach