Monday, February 2, 2009

My Eternal Family

The 2009 Primary theme is all about families. Teaching kids songs every week that relate to this theme leads me to reflect on my relationship with my own family. A girl couldn't have had more fun growing up with these great dudes.

Barbies, playing cruise ship, pretending Miss Hannigan was going to be home any minute so we better hurry and clean our room, big wheels, banana seat bikes, See Me Run, Go Dog Go, sleeping bags down the stairs, playing school, weeding the garden so we could walk to Trafalga, tether ball, front yard soccer games, badminton, dancing in the kitchen, staged professional wrestling in our living room... We had a lot of fun together.

And still do.
Aren't my sisters beautiful?

I could not have guessed or imagined the extra spouses and kids added to our family over the years would be this wonderful! I can't imagine our family missing just one. Every single person belongs. I'm anxious to see it grow and grow and grow. My heart is overwhelmed and abundantly flows over with joy when I think of the plan of happiness that allows us to be together forever.

(And this is just my side! Lots o love for my married side of the family tambien!)


David and Brooke Gallagher said...

What a lucky eternal family you have! Those pics turned out so good!

Kim said...

Such CUUUUTE pictures! I knew you guys had them taken but hadn't seen them yet. You guys are such a cute family!

Shauna said...

LOVE the pictures!! My CD should be here anyday now, anyday now...what a classic with Michael! Why can't I live by a lake so you could sail on over!

Karen said...

Gorgeous family pictures. I love them!