Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday Run

I just finished week one today of Hal Higdon's spring training program. I have to think in baby steps, but the ultimate goal is marathon. This is a warm up to get me ready for the marathon training. I'm going to look more closely at Jeff Galloway's "injury free" program. I struggle with a silly, nagging knee problem.

I know there is an entire community out there of runners. People far more advanced than myself in their training and expertise and race experience. There are also average, novice runners like myself who have aspirations of being in the "expertise" neighborhood of that community. Maybe my week only equaled 9 miles total, but I am still a citizen of the running world.

I get high after I run. I can literally feel fresh blood pumping through my entire body after I run. It's an amazing feeling. There is also something about running that makes you want to go faster, farther, harder, more...someday. That is the draw, you can always beat your personal best. Even if you have run a dozen marathons. You can always run a dozen more, just faster.

So for now, I am a 9 mile per week, 10 minute mile kind of girl. But not for long.

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