Thursday, January 15, 2009

From My Window

For a few weeks I've heard a slight knocking sound when I'm standing in my bathroom. Knocking, tapping, rapping. Rapping, that's it. rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap

A quick succession of this noise. The first time I heard it I moved in the direction of where the noise was coming from. A spot right by a window. I peered out the window but couldn't see anything. rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap, rap

I knocked on the wall in a quick response. knock, knock, knock, knock Then a flash of brown flew past my eyesight and up over my roof. A woodpecker? I stepped out on the balcony to see if I could spy a nest or hole, but I didn't see anything.

A few days later a giant flock of little black birds swept past my windows in that same area causing me to turn in alarm. There were so many of them, they blocked out the light for a few moments. I didn't know what it could be. There must have been over a hundred. All flying and flitting in strange, swaying unison. It's been so cold, I wonder where all these little black birdies sleep at night.

Same window, different day I watch a truck spin it's wheels trying to get out of the marina parking lot. It's a big truck too. Big tires complete with the trendy studs all around them. The kind of truck that if you are under six feet tall you might need a step ladder to climb inside the cab. The kind of detail and tires that make you think the owner is very proud to be driving this truck around town. Possibly listening to his music very loudly. However, I wondered how he was feeling now. His giant truck spinning out on a small incline in an unplowed parking lot.

Sometimes from this window I look for my eagle. I spotted her one day on an afternoon jog. My neighborhood is a victim in the recent years national economic struggle. I was jogging down a lovely paved road complete with street signs, cul-de-sacs, and not even one lot with as much as a hole dug. Lots of pavement and absolutely zero houses. Perfect for running. As I huffed and puffed somewhere around mile 1.5, I spotted this enormous bird crusing the sky. I stopped because I had never seen a bird that size near the lake. Then I saw it had the beautiful white head and dark brown body. When it came to rest and perched high up on a bare branch, it was unmistakable what she was. A North American Bald Eagle. I just stared and was amazed this part of the state was part of it's habitat. I had no idea. I'm not the greatest nature observer because I always want to see more and get closer. So I inched forward. As soon as I took one step, she took off and continued her flight path along the edge of the lake. She flew right over my house. I watched her as long as my eyes would allow.

Since all the snow, and since there are no houses, thus no reason to, this perfect running road does not get plowed. I haven't been able to run on it in weeks. I have adapted to the more crowded, plowed streets with houses. There is a road that is parallel to my perfect deserted road, but not as close to the lake. There aren't as many tall trees either. I wouldn't come near it if I were an eagle. So for now, I glance out my window to try and catch one in the same flight path.

Still January. Still cold. Still snow. No eagles. Just the occasional woodpecker (I think), little black birds and ice fisherman getting stuck in the parking lot.

Winter, why are you so long?

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