Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Coolio

To have a loving relationship with a sister is not simply to have a buddy or confidante - it is to have a soul mate for life. Victoria Secunda

I can't believe we've been friends for almost 30 years! Remember the room we shared at 1131? We both had matching desks built into the wall by the closet. Our lovely day bed where we would take turns sleeping on the pull out part of the pseudo Victorian 80's style relic. I don't really remember exact conversations, but I do remember talking with you while laying there, trying to fall asleep. What we were doing at school. What our friends were doing. Things we didn't want mom to know. I don't remember what we fought about either, but I do remember telling you, "Bad Night!" I hoped you really got the message that I did not want you to have a good night sleep. It was always forgotten by morning because later that day we were reminding each other it was time to go inside so we didn't miss Jem and the Holograms.

Remember playing Barbies for hours? I'll never forget when mom came down and saw that we had put Ken and Barbie in a "marital" situation. Mom asked if Ken and Barbie were married. We assured her that they were. Because only married people can share a bed like that. We told her we knew, then she told us that was enough Barbies for the day.

Even though there is only two years between us, growing up, I always thought you were so mature and so far ahead of where I was. You would always report how 6th grade was. (So grown up - the oldest in the school!) Then when you started Jr. High and started wearing make up! Wow. Did you know I was so impressed? I couldn't wait to start 7th grade.

Then there come high school, boy friends, college. Always a few steps ahead of me.

Then the decision to serve a mission for the Lord.

Then your temple marriage.

Then your 3 beautiful children.

The way you serve your neighbors, your friends, your family.

I couldn't have hand picked a better big sister. I haven't always followed your example, but I have always been grateful for it. I haven't always told you when I notice you do something good and right, but I always notice. I notice what a great mother you are. I notice what a loving wife you are. I notice what a wonderful friend you are. I am a better person because of you.

Thank you for always being you.

Thank you for always being there for me.

Thank you for being my best friend.

I love you! Congratulations on turning 29! (again- hey! we are finally the same age this year!)


David and Brooke Gallagher said...

How sweet! Would have loved to have grown up with two wonderful sisters like you guys! Lucky!

Shauna said...

I just saw this today...Thank you! Why can't we live closer to each other, why, why...You are the best ever i love you!!