Sunday, March 1, 2009


Yesterday was my first real run with the run/walk method. It was only three miles. (My 30 week countdown has officially begun.)

A couple of things.

1. I'm not sure I had the run/walk time ratio correct. There is some math involved with the "magic mile" scenario and I was worried the whole time that I was running more than I should have been. Running more than I should have been? And I'm on a marathon training program? Something is wrong with that picture.

B) I am going to need a lot of patience for this program. You are running way below the level you think you should be at. My 3 miles didn't take the usual 30-33 minutes it usually does. Forty minutes! But I need to keep in mind this is an "injury free" training program. I suppose less injuries occur when you take it slow.

3.06 miles
13:40 minutes/mile

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