Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom

Lists and reasons why it's great to be celebrating my mother:

Things my mom has given me:
1. Life
2. Lovely Bohne Bum
3. A love for writing.
4. Confidence and independence to be myself.
5. Strength, help and support whenever I need it.

Things my mom has taught me:
6. Never judge anyone based on outward qualities.
7. Everyone deserves to be treated with kindness.
8. Heavenly Father loves you.
9. Heavenly Father loves you no matter what mistakes you make.
10. It's okay to fail, as long as you are trying your very best.
11. Saying "shut up" to your siblings is not okay.
12. Red pepper is an effective consequence for little kids who tell their sisters to "shut up."
13. You don't have to dress and act like everyone else - be yourself.
14. Say no to drugs.
15. Be dependable.
16. Be honest.
17. Forgiving others is more important than waiting for them to apologize.
18. How to weed a flower garden.
19. How to company clean a bathroom.
20. How to make dozens of delicious recipes.
21. How to make bat brains and witch's brew.
22. Green milk on St. Patrick's day is fun.
23. Your birthday is a very, very special day that should be celebrated from the minute you wake up until the very end of the day.
24. It's okay if cereal is on the dinner menu once in a while.
25. We all have unique personality traits.
26. Having a testimony in the Savior Jesus Christ can get you through anything.
27. Did you pray about it?
28. Did you pray about it?
29. Did you pray about it?
30. Being a stay at home mom and raising a large family is awesome.
31. Being a stay at home mom with a college education is awesome.
32. Supporting your husband and his occupation makes for a happy home life.
33. A mother's role is to nurture.
34. You can still be a domestic miracle worker and not sew.
35. How to antique a painted piece of wood.
36. How to sing from your diaphragm.
37. It's never too late to go back to school and have a successful, fulfilling career.
38. Jell-O, popsicles, and sprite are good for what ails ya.
39. Going to church on Sunday is essential for filling your lamp.
40. It's okay to go overboard on the decorations for holidays.
41. You may not always love what someone does, but you can always love the person.
42. Raising teenagers and toddlers at the same time is possible.
43. Labor Day was created so families could labor together in the yard.
44. Apparently Memorial Day was created for the same reason.
45. Sunday is a day of rest.
46. Live the Golden Rule.
47. It's okay to have a sense of humor about yourself.
48. Corn on fire flies very well off back decks.
49. Go for the penguin award.
50. Typical "men chores" sometimes just need to be done, men around or not.
51. Motorcycles are cool - but do not let your children know you think so until they are all practically adults.
52. You can do or be anything you want.
53. Chocolate, candy and goodies are good for broken hearts and hurt feelings.
54. Families are forever and one of the most important thing you can fight for.
55. Confidence in yourself comes from confidence in your core values and beliefs.

My mother is a true angel with the heart of a warrior. She is strong, gentle, compassionate and smart. She has heard me say this often but it is worth repeating on her birthday. Everything that I have in me that is good and wholesome is because of her. Love you mom.


David and Brooke Gallagher said...

Happy Birthday Sheryl! What wonderful things about your mom, how sweet!!!

Shauna said...

What a perfect tribute, I love the pictures!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Kara's mom! She sounds like the most wonderful mom.