Monday, March 9, 2009

In a Box

Going through the basement, I'm trying to decide what to throw away, give away or keep. I found a box of books. Some of my favorites! I can't believe they've been boxed up for over a year.

I met Primus St. John once during college. (With a name like that, you have to become a poet, right?) He came to our class and read from his book Communion. I relish his words. He's an artist. Instantly, he became one of my favorites. Even before he signed my copy with,

To Kara, Many days of writing as fun. Primus St. John

Here is one of his poems.


The sea has it's own religion;
It is blue
As an acori bead
I rubbed in my hand.

I think
Of swimming
for miles
and miles
in prayer.

I think
Of never struggling back
In doubt.

As though
In a world like this
Love starts over and over again.

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