Friday, April 10, 2009

New Home Sweet Home

We made it. House cleaned out. Things packed up. Ninety percent of our belongings are in storage. I hope they will forgive me someday. The other ten percent was crammed into our little sedan while we set course for the east. 36 hours of drive time and too few precious hours spent with family along the way, we are now in the Constitution state. M. Jodi Rell my new governor, American Robin my state new bird and trees, trees, trees my new landscape. Connecticut will be our home for the summer months. I think I'll like it here. After all, New York is only 2 hours away.

A couple of things I learned and or observed on our drive:

I have no desire to live in Wyoming. (Sorry M&A. Your place was great, and I will visit. I'd just never live there. Nothing personal Wyomingites. To each his own.)

Chris does not like Michael McLean. (Not even Celebrating the Light! Sometimes I don't even know who I married.)

There are tricky, dirty speed traps near Lincoln, NE. Watch out if you are passing through. (Thanks, by the way, Mr. NE Officer for the warning instead of the double fine speeding ticket. We're still grateful.)

Chris thought Iowa had rolling hills. To me they looked more like large dirt mounds.

Notre Dame campus is pretty.

John Wooden really is an amazing person.

I loved the quaintness of all of the adorable farm houses I saw on the way here. It really did feel like we were passing through the heart of America. It made me want to go buy a Ford truck. Or eat corn. Or have a pie eating contest. Or go down to the fishing hole. God Bless the USA!

For how many toll roads there are in the east, you would think the roads would be in better shape. (I'm still very bitter about giving our money to various DOT's along the way.)

Total drive time per driver:
K: 3.5 hours
C: The rest. He's my hero! Can I take a minute to boast about what an amazing person I married? Thanks for driving 97 percent of the way dear. This act alone makes up for the fact that you haven't shaved your beard in what seems like months. (Although it's only been days.)
But there's more. I love you for being so adventurous and easing my mind about moving, again. If not for you, I would not have the gumption to do this year two. Thanks for seeing past my fret and knowing that everything would work out. I love the time we have together. The long drives, the comfortable silence, the way you didn't complain when I fell asleep on the home stretch, eating at Subway instead of Burger King, the extra night in Omaha to hang a little longer with my sister, forgiving me quickly for locking the keys in the car in Illinois, driving, driving, driving, driving because you know I hate it. Here's to another great summer adventure. Love you.

One more CT fact: State Animal is the Sperm Whale. Huh huh, she said "whale."


David and Brooke Gallagher said...

Yeah I am so glad you guys made it and safely! Thanks for the warning in NE for the tricky speeding traps. We will watch out for those1 Can't wait to join you guys in a few weeks!

erika @ life unfluffed said...

We loved this post! We are also VERY happy you warned us about the speeding traps.

We can't wait to get going. I'm so excited!

Hamblin Family said...

You crack me up with your posts! I am just assuming but you guys are only there for the summer...right? If so have a great summer!! It is always exciting to be in new places.

Shauna said...

Hurray for making it to CT, phew..I am glad i didn't have to draw all those states from NE to your final destination that would have been embarrassing:) Love you and thanks for stoppping by and helping me build a ginormous caterpillar out of balloons. I wish you could have stayed all summer!!

michael. mindy. dane. said...

Michael and I both CRACKED up at this post! And yes, of course we came to Oakley just to see you! And we're sad that we won't see you again for a while...we missed you today and Grandma Joyce's Easter party...come home soon!

Karen said...

What???!!! Your summer life is already beginning? That is crazy. I feel like that crept up so fast. Reading your blog made me so grateful I don't have to do the across the county drive yet again. But I'm glad for all of your adventures along the way. It sounds a lot more fun reading about it than doing it. Enjoy Uconn territory!

Stephanie said...

I LOVE reading your writing. If blog posts are this good, you really should publish. Have a great time back east!

Allysha said...

CT is lovely. Enjoy it out there. Back East has it's own lovely quirks.