Tuesday, June 16, 2009

On The Road (or Runway)

So I'm blogging on the run. I'm on my way to Utah to run a race, check some candy machines and see some beautiful faces of my family I've missed so much. At the moment, I'm really not on the run. I'm sitting in the Las Vegas airport. My second plane into Utah leaves in two hours. Yea. Goooooo layovers! I wanted to share a conversation I overheard. I wasn't eavesdropping. I was trying to enjoy my 14.00 sandwich that outside of the airport would have been $5. The person on the phone was a loud talker. What could I do?

Anywho. Quiet part of the airport. Girl to the left of me with oversized bag with cherries all over it, sunglasses sported in the super sunny hallway with no windows and so cute halty top that is just long enough to work as a tiny dress and so super duper cute gladiator sandals. Just trying to set the scene for you. Although I'm not sure how this is coming across, it's my first time blogging from my mobile device. Ok, here's the one sided dialouge I heard:

"Hey girl! Guess where I am? (Last two words are kind of sung.) Yea! We are finally here! ....Ugh, our flight felt like, forever. Omg. Oh no, we are still in the airport waiting for Janie to get her bags from the checked bag place....The MGM.... Yea, I'm super excited...The weather? Umm, it's like super hot and humid. Yea, but I mean we haven't been outside yet...."

Right. Have fun during your totally awesome Las Vegas trip in that sweltering desert humidity.


Grant and Candice said...

Oh that is hilarious! Love that desert humidity!

David and Brooke Gallagher said...

I thought we lived where it was humid?!

Hamblin Family said...

That is to funny! I loved how you set the seen...it made all the difference.